Thank you for visiting us. I'm Mara and these products have changed my life and have given me a quality of life I had not had in 11 years. I now manage my RSD/CRPS with these amazing products! My passion is to help you improve your life by sharing these products and my story with you. We continue to offer the best available prices and service and look forward to working with you as you begin your journey toward wellness.


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Individual Machines

Chi Machine

Chi Machine Model SDM888 $560.00! | Regular Price $780.00 | Save $220.00
FREE Shipping!

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Advanced ERE

Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer $539.00! | Regular Price $675.00 | Save $136.00
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E-Power Machine

E-Power $729.00! |Regular Price $975.00 | Save $225.00!
FREE Shipping!

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Regular HotHouse

HotHouse or Grande HotHouse $980.00 / $1,060.00! | Regular Price $1,349.00 / $1,449.00 | You Save $369.00 / $389.00
FREE Shipping!

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Individual Accessories

FIR Cushion

FIR Lumbar Cushion $159.00
FREE Shipping!

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Individual FIR Pad $220.00
FREE Shipping!

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FIR Heating Pad

Two FIR Pads $399.00
FREE Shipping!

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Palm Massager

Palm Massager $49.99

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2 Boxes SOQI CircuGo $120.00

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4 Boxes SOQI CircuGo $240.00

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10 Boxes SOQI CircuGo $600.00

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Supervisor Express Packages


Sale Price $5,999.00 | FREE Shipping
SOQI Bed HotHouses Include 1 Regular SOQI Bed HotHouse, 2 Grande SOQI Bed HotHouses, and 1 Grande HotHouse!

Installment Plan Available on the SOQI Bed Set ($35.00 application fee)

6 Month Installment Plan: 1st Installment is $1,849.00 plus Sales Tax on $5,999.00 with 5 equal monthly payments of $830.00.

12 Month Installment Plan: 1st Installment is $1,874.00 plus Sales Tax on $5,999.00 with 11 equal monthly payments of $375.00

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14 Day Trial

HTE offers a 14 day trial which starts the day you receive the product. What this means, is that you have 14 days to try the product(s), if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can authorize a return with HTE and receive a refund. Learn more about the Warranty and 14 day trial.

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