Far Infrared Lumbar Support Cushion

Lumbar Support Cushion
for your Chair or Car

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An Orthopedic Spinal and Lumbar Support Pillow
offering Massage and Heat

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Back Pain from Disc Disease

The Lumbar Support Cushion is a great product for those who suffer from back or neck soreness. It is ergonomically designed and provides lumbar support (low back support) with vibrating massage and penetrating heat. The Lumbar Support Pillow works great for an achy lower back. You can use it in your office chair or in your car! I feel that its features are what makes it one of the best support cushions on the market!

Lumbar Support Cushion Features

  • Penetrating Heat - Utilizes a heating conductor that offers soothing relief to sore back muscles. Reaching a maximum temperature of 113 degrees.
  • Vibrating Massage - Two individual motors provide massage which helps relieve soreness of the lower back and further promote circulation.
  • Ergonomic Design - Specifically engineered for low back support for the muscles and skeletal structure resulting in better posture.
Features of FIR Lumbar Support Cushion

Who Benefits from the Back Support Cushion

  • Office Workers - great as a back support for office chair, especially for long days at your desk.
  • Women - great for relief related to menstrual cramps.
  • Elderly - good for relieving muscle tenderness caused by inactivity and poor circulation.
  • Students - great to use as a pillow in your office chair for back support.
  • Drivers - great as a lumbar support for car, especially for long drives.
  • Athletes - great for relieving soreness of the lower back after a strenuous workout.
  • Laborers - great for relieving soreness for your lower back after standing all day.

The Lumbar Support helps many people and offers many different benefits.

Product Specifications

  • Power Supply
  • Power < 20W
  • Parameter - Revolution 4000 rpm
  • Temperature - 108-113 degrees fahrenheit
  • Dimensions - 13" X 14" X 3"
  • Accessories - Auto DC Adapter / Charger

Lumbar Cushion - On Sale!
Available in Canada Only

Canada - $145.00 Add to Cart

Above prices do not include shipping and taxes.