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Power Eyes 

Power Eyes

Eye Massager

A Multi-Frequency Eye Device combing Heat,
Massage and Air Pressure!


Relieves Eye Fatigue, Computer Eye Strain, Dry and Watery Eyes, 
Blurry Vision, and Sensitivity to Light.

Power Eyes
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Another amazing product from HTE Americas that the whole family can use. I do a lot of computer work, wear bifocals, and have eye fatigue and sometimes blurry vision after a day on the computer. "I tried the Power Eyes out for 10 minutes and my eyes felt fully rested and refreshed and I also felt it relaxed my neck and shoulders!"

Features of the Power Eyes

  • Eyeshade - Auto Adjusts to the Shape of your Face. Just put Power Eyes on your face over your eyes, hold the strap with both hands behind your head and fasten.
  • Internal Low Pressure Air Bag - Low pressure air pump that massages the eyes without pushing down or in on them.
  • Micro – Computer Digital Programming: Precise programming that allows for 15,10, and 5 minute intervals for use.
  • Nano- Energy / Wood-Charcoal Eyeshade: Offers precise anti-bacterial, Anions, and Far Infrared heat.
  • Air Pressure + Thermal Heat: Option to select different seismic vibration modes- Rub, Pinch, Press, & Auto (combination of all 3 modes).

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Power Eyes Awards

  • 1999 - Silver Medal - Geneva International Invention Exhibition
  • 2005 - Gold Medal - Beijing International Technology Exhibition
  • 2005 - Gold Medal - Taipei International Invention Show
  • 2006 - Bronze Medal - Taipei International Invention Show
  • 2007 - Bronze Medal - Taipei International Invention Show
  • 2008 - Silver Medal - Malaysia International Technology Exhibition
  • 2008 - Gold Medal - Russia International Invention Show.

Benefits of the Power Eyes:

Power Eyes combines air pressure, heat, compression, and massage which can lead to improved blood circulation around the eye area. This type of deep therapy may offer the following benefits:

  • Relieves eye fatigue that is caused by extended reading and writing.
  • Relieves eyestrain and blurry vision from extensive computer work.
  • Dispels visual fatigue caused by long periods of driving which often results in dry eyes, swelling, stiff shoulders and neck.
  • Relieves eyestrain, dry eyes, watery eyes, blurry vision and discomfort due to gradual vision degeneration.
  • Helps to increase blood circulation around the eyes preventing dark circles, wrinkles and bags under eyes.
  • Relieves dry, achy, inflamed eyes for contact lens users.
  • Induces relaxation not only for your eyes, but your whole body assisting you in obtaining a good nights sleep.


Power Usage: Uses AC 110V or DC 6 V (“AA” Batteries x 4 = 6V). Also includes a Power saving mode which operates by computer micro-chip allowing for automatic turn off. It will also beep and let you know when the battery is low.

Power Eyes
USA $109.00!
Add Power Eyes to Cart /  
CAN $139.00 Add Power Eyes to Cart