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Chi Machine

Includes: Chi Machine Benefits, Chi Machine Imitations and Information and History on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

Instructions on How to Use the Chi Machine
Dr. Inoue

Advanced Electro
Reflex Energizer

Includes: Information on Reflexology, Benefits of the Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer, Electrical Stimulation, and Reflexology.

Electro Pads
How to Use the Adv ERE


Includes: SOQI Bed Benefits.

Golden Globe Product Award
SOQI Bed Brochure
SOQI Installment Plan

More Products and Accessories

Aqua Chi Foot Bath
Far Infrared Heating Pad
SOQI Back/Waist Support
Q-Link - EMF's
SOQI Slimming Spa
Aquasana Water Filtration

SOQI Ceramic Heater
FIR Topical Warming Unit

Includes An Explanation of Far Infrared, Far Infrared Benefits, Articles on Far Infrared.

E-Power Machine

Includes An Explanation of the E-Power Machine, E-Power Machine Benefits.

How to Use the E-Power Machine
Chinese Study done on E-Power
Energy Wand & Meridians
Skin Rejuvenation with E-Power


Bianca Body Profile
SOQI-Zyme Digestive Enzyme
Vitamins and Herbs - Nature's Sunshine