Skin Brushing for Cellulite and Detox

Skin brushing is one of the least expensive ways to keep your skin and body looking great. Using an all natural brush with bristles and using it daily before you shower will help remove the top layer of dead skin encouraging new skin cells to grow. The massaging motion created from the natural bristle brush is also beneficial for detoxing and helping the body get rid of areas of cellulite.

All you do is start at your feet and work your way up the body in long gentle strokes, brushing towards the heart. I usually tell people to brush their skin until the color is a little blushed and to brush lighter in more sensitive areas. The whole process usually takes between 3-5 minutes and is best done when your skin is dry. It won’t take long to notice an improvement in your skin. Within a few days your skin should feel softer and have a nice glow to it.

Benefits of Skin Brushing

Skin brushing has been known to help stimulate blood and lymph flow, eliminate toxins, remove dead skin cells and helps to combat cellulite. What are you waiting for – get your Skin Brush today! Shop Amazon for Skin brushes