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Healthy Habits
Managing Pain Naturally

When You Stop Focusing on the Pain
Start Focusing on Building Health

Pain Management

Healthy Habits Managing Pain Naturally Reduce Chronic Pain and Inflammation

For 11 years all I thought about was managing my chronic pain and inflammation from RSD / CRPS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). My RSD / CRPS was due to an injury I sustained in 1994. It became exhausting both physically and emotionally. I had accepted early on that for the rest of my life, I would have to deal with some level of pain. What I wasn't really prepared for was how difficult that was going to be. It seemed like I was planning my life around my pain. Everything became about my pain. Sometimes I felt so bad I couldn't do the things I wanted to do with family and friends. Like I said, it was exhausting. Even though I felt that I was doing everything available, I still felt bad.

One day in 2005, after meeting Kent and his wife Barbara, two natural health enthusiasts, my interest in natural health was born. After getting some education myself, I started looking at my body in a more holistic and natural way. I started implementing healthier lifestyle habits, focusing on eating healthier foods, and rebuilding my gut health as well as my overall health. As I made these changes, I started feeling better and my hope for living more of the life I wanted felt possible. Focusing on building my health instead of focusing on my pain was life changing for me. That is why I want to share this program with you with you so you too can have an opportunity to do the same. I don't want your life to be as exhausting as mine was. We all deserve to live our best life!

Healthy Habits Managing Pain Naturally

This Healthy Habits Program focuses on building health aLifestyle Guide shares an overview and outline of the things I did as I transitioned myself back to health. I am not saying I no longer have pain. I am saying that my pain is considerably less, my energy level has increased, my sleep is deeper than I thought, my immune system is stronger and I am off all my medications! The guide takes you on a self-paced on line journey of exploration and education. It shares information and resources with you to guide you as you create and build your own journey back to health. I became healthier doing the same things I share with you in this lifestyle guide. Don't worry, you won't be alone, I'll be here to assist you with questions or concerns via email or phone.

Healthy Habits Challenge

Program Focus

  • Staying Hydrated and Why What you Eat Matters.
  • When to Consider Eliminating Certain Foods.
  • Gut Health - You are What you Eat, don't Absorb, and don't Eliminate.
  • Toxicity - The Influence of Environmental Toxins.
  • Movement and/or Exercise.
  • Is anything else Contributing to your Condition?
  • Emotions and your Health - Stages of Grief - Managing Stress.
  • Coping Skills, Social Support, Faith, and Hope.
  • Supplements to Consider for Support.

Also Included

  • Weekly Emails Covering the Above Topics
  • Access to downloads, videos and additional information pertaining to the above topics.
  • Weekly Zoom Calls.
  • Ability to call, email or connect for questions and personalized help.

Healthy Habits
Managing Pain Naturally

Healthy Habits Holistic Pain Management

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