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Sun Ancon Chi Machine
Video Clips
and DVD

The Doctor's TV Show
on the Chi Machine and some of its benefits.

The video footage was taken from
"The Doctors" television show and is courtesy of KCAL-TV9

The above Video Clip as seen on The Doctors. Dr. Yang and a guest on the show, discusses the use of the chi machine with his clients to promote circulation, reduce swelling caused by congestion of the lymph system, and for relief of minor and major muscle aches. He has noticed his clients have benefited with its use especially for spine pain, hip pain, neck pain, and neck problems. The chi machine stimulates the movement of the goldfish while you lie their with your legs elevated. They asked an individual named Sarah Kate to try the chi machine for two weeks to see if it would help her with her muscles aches due to Fibromyalgia. Sarah shared that she felt it reduced the swelling in her legs, her overall achiness, and her skin seemed to be more clear. Overall, it is relaxing and seems to do no harm, so why not try it!

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine
"SOQI Energy Therapy"

The above video on the Chi Machine contains a brief introduction from Mara on her journal toward natural health as well as an overview of The Chi Machine's history, detailed information, benefits, its status as a medical device, and how to use it.

"Energy Therapy for the 21st Century
Rejuvenating the Entire You"
Chi Machine and Overall Wellness

Approximately 40 Minutes.

Jeff Kowalski reviews in this video clip the benefits of natural health and the importance of what we put into and on our bodies. He also shares information on the background and benefits of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine as well as testimonials from several customers. He also emphasizes the three main benefits of the Chi Machine which are it helps improve energy, promote circulation and increases cellular oxygenation through its passive aerobic exercise and massage.

Information on the Chi Machine

This video is Approximately 18 Minutes and Dr. Knutson a Classical Naturopath shares the history and benefits of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine as well as information on the SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome.

Chi Machine Benefits and Explanation

The above video discusses a brief description on the invention and history of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine as well as a quick demonstration on how to use it.

Demonstration on How to Use the
Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

The video outlines a detailed demonstration on how to properly use the Chi Machine. Making sure you drink water before and after using the chi machine, aligning your body with the arrow to make sure you are centered to achieve the beneficial figure 8 movement, the importance of relaxing and taking deep breaths during your session. Relax and enjoy!

Reviews the benefits of the Chi Machine
and its figure 8 movement.

This video reviews the motion energy of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Developed by Dr. Inoue with 38 years of research, it is a perfect way to keep healthy and for your body to efficiently absorb oxygen by relaxing and breathing deeply. It reviews its figure 8 movement and the benefits for balancing the spine. Spinal balance is important to our overall health since it is known that 80& of disease is related to misalignment of the spine. The Chi Machine was introduced to the USA in 1990 and its gentle motion helps to remove energy blockages throughout the body. Fifteen minutes on the chi machine equals 10000 steps and is the best possible lateral goldfish movement for the body and provides the body with cellular oxygenation due to support of the circulatory system and provides a whole body massage including internal organs and body systems.

Hunter Tylo's Life and Leisure TV Show
with Dr. Nathan Lipton.

Hunter Tylo's Lifestyle Show video reviews the benefits of the Chi Machine with Dr. Nathan Lipton and Carol Stall, a Yoga Teacher. The Chi Machine from HTE is a total health management tool that helps with feeling old or sick by helping your body health itself. Dr. Lipton expresses that the chi machine helps individuals who are in good health stay healthy and those who are sick or have health problems improve their health naturally by improving their energy, reducing their stress and by helping them maintain a healthy weight. Dr. Lipton wrote a book reviewing over 200 medical case histories using the chi machine and HTE products. Today many people are turning toward yoga for stretching exercises and to reduce stress. Carol Stall, a yoga teacher, uses the chi machine with her customers to help them relax and open up their breath. Dr. Lipton expressed that using the chi machine on a daily basis in their own home is affordable and easy to use to derive its maximum benefits.

Compares the Original Chi Machine to Imitation Machines.

This video demonstrates a side by side comparison of the movement of the original chi machine verse an imitation chi machine. You will notice in the video the stability of the movement of the original chi machine compared to the imitation chi machine. The chi machine is an internationally patented device designed to move in a specific figure 8 patter that is safe for the spine and overall human physiology.

Reviews Fake Chi Machines

Jeff Kowalski reviews fake / copy cat chi machines with the original chi machine. He demonstrates using muscle testing (kinesiology) on an individual using the original and a fake chi machine. You will notice that Jordan tests weaker on the imitation chi machine than the original. You will also notice a difference in the movement of his body.