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Become a HTE Member / Distributor

HTE Americas, Inc. offers a wonderful opportunity for those of you who want to earn extra income. If you wish to be rewarded for helping people by sharing your experience and these wonderful products, then HTE Americas, Inc is for you! The best part about this opportunity is that there is no product purchase necessary and no monthly sales volume required to become an Independent Distributor for HTE Americas, Inc. The only requirement HTE has is a low yearly renewal fee of $25.00. So if you received a benefit from these products and are inclined to share them with your friends, or you just want to order more for your own use, becoming a distributor just makes sense. You should earn commission on your purchases or purchases your friend's make.

Everyone benefits. The more we share - the more we help each other! No matter what a person is challenged with, these products can and often do make an improved difference in the quality of their life. Everyday, millions of people are seeking alternative natural solutions for their everyday health concerns. These amazing products and their exclusive patents are based on decades of research and may offer people the alternative solution they are looking for. This opportunity is not just for the person out there looking, it is also for professionals like massage therapists, chiropractors, day spas, health spas, athletes, exercise fanatics, business professionals, and farmers, to make their jobs easier to perform or just give them that overall sense of well-being.

HTE Americas, Inc. is set up as a Multi Level Marketing Company. I know some people shun away from this type of set up. I have had that feeling before, until I used their products and signed up! HTE Americas, Inc. is truly focused on spreading Health and Wealth across the world! That is why there is no monthly sales volume required and no purchase necessary to share their products and your knowledge and join their team. You can share whether you develop a down line or just sell the products yourself by letting other people know the experience you had using them. It's your independent decision on how you want to do it!

The Distributor Kit only costs $30.00 and no purchase is required to become a distributor. The Distributor Kit includes product information, a history of HTE, health information. The Distributor Kit is downloadable! You automatically receive a Distributor ID Number and Password so you can begin selling immediately. Just remember, when you receive your Business Manual, fill out the Distributor Application Form and fax it or mail it back to HTE. As a General Member Distributor, you will be able to sell HTE products but you will not actually receive commissions until you personally make 45 BVP (points), which is equal to buying one Chi Machine. After that initial 45 BVP Points, you can start earning your commission! Commission checks are disbursed monthly around the 15th of each month. Naturally, you are required to supply HTE Americas, Inc. with your social security number, otherwise 28% will be deducted from your monthly commission check.

Earning Commission

HTE assigns each product they have a Business Volume Point (BVP). The accumulation of these points from your own personal sales or sales of each person in your down line, qualifies you for compensation and advancement.

Basically all commissions use BVP's for computation. One BVP equals $10.00.

Product BVP's:

One Chi Machine equals 45 BVP.
One SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome (formerly the HotHouse) equals 80 BVP.
One Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE) equals 35 BVP.
One E-Power equals 56 BVP.

"The Formula: BVP x $10.00 x distributor level % = Commission".

Independent Distributor Levels Overview

Level I - Distributor - 15% Sales Commission (qualification is 45 BVP).

Level II - Supervisor - 24% Sales Commission (360 BVP's earned). You may also receive a commission override on your down line team sales.

Level III - Manager - 32% Sales Commission (2,475 BVP's earned and have two Supervisors in your down line team). You may also receive a commission override on your down line team sales.

Level IV - President - 40% Sales Commission (14,760 BVP's earned and have four 1st Level Managers in your down line). You may also receive a commission override on your down line team sales.

All these points and levels are fully explained in your Business Manual. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at (800) 728-2425. Remember, if you are planning on ordering more than one product, there are different ways to sign up, so please call me so we can discuss them to make sure you receive the maximum benefit! If you have no questions and are ready to sign up, all you have to do is purchase a Distributor Kit through our Online Store.

Distributor Training

We offer a unique Distributor Training program for our team and can support our team in many ways. We offer three way calling, web meetings, and a detailed online training section. This training section was developed by Mara to help you learn more about the company and the products. Your Distributor Training begins here.