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HTE / SOQI Products
Warranty, Returns & Exchanges

14 Day FREE Trial

The 14 Day Free Trial applies to the following HTE Products.

  • Chi Machine
  • SOQI Ceramic FIR Heater Dome
  • Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer
  • E-Power

Each of the above products comes with a 14 day free trial. The 14 day trial period starts the day your product is delivered. As you know, products are shipped directly from the manufacturer Hsin Ten Enterprises, (HTE USA) via Fed Ex or USPS for Canada.

If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return the product to HTE, Inc. for a Refund. The return must be authorized prior to sending the product back. You can contact us or HTE USA directly at the number on your invoice. The product must also be in sell-able condition and returned in its original package with all of its original items. Please note that Shipping Charges to you will not be refunded and that includes a charge back for free shipping. Shipping Charges to return the product are also the customer's responsibility. Please note that if the product is damaged a 15% to 30% restocking fee may apply.


If you want to return your product, all returns need to be AUTHORIZED within the first 14 days of receiving the product and All product returns require a Return Authorization Number. Make sure to keep your Invoice Number available, you will need this to receive a Return Authorization Number from us or HTE's Customer Service Department. Their number is listed on the invoice. Also please know that shipping charges to you will not be refunded. Shipping charges to return the product are the customer's responsibility. If the product was shipped to you via Free Shipping, a $35.00 shipping charge will be deducted for the Chi Machine, a $30.00 charge for the E-Power Machine, and ERE and a $70.00 Shipping Charge wil be decucted for the SOQI FIR Dome. Also, if the product is damaged a 15% to 30% restocking fee may apply. Please note that a timely return should be done, preferrably within 14 days.


Please inspect and count each box / piece of the SOQI Bed when you receive your merchandise and keep all original packaging in case you need it for return or exchange. If you are not satisfied with your HTE purchase, please call HTE, Inc. Customer Service Department for a Return / Exchange request within 14 calendar days of receiving your order.

All return items for the SOQI Bed Set should be packed in the original, unmarked packaging including any accessories, manuals, documentation and registration that belong to the SOQI BED product. HTE will assess a 30% restocking fee on any opened hardware or accessory. PLEASE be advised that shipping and handling fees will not be refunded. Return shipping is also at the expense of the customer.

Product Exchanges

If you receive a product and something happens within the first 30 days, malfunction or damage occurred during shipping. Please contact us or HTE at the number on the invoice to arrange for an exchange. If the product warrants an exchange, a new product will be shipped to you along with a return label to return your damanged product. Exchange product labels are applicable for the USA ONLY! Due to international shipping requirements, Canada customers will need to arrange for their own shipment at their own expense. Please note that ALL product exchanges need to be pre-authorized.

HTE Product Warranties

Product Warranty Period
Chi Machine 2 Year
SOQI Ceramic FIR Heater Dome 1 Year
Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer 1 Year
E-Power 1 Year
E-Power Belt 6 Months
FIR Pad 6 Months
FIR Waist Support 6 Months
SOQI Bed Body 1 Year

General Warranty Repair Guidelines for HTE

HTE USA, Inc. repairs all products free of charge if the damage occurs within the above warranty time frame per product specified and the product is used correctly and in accordance to the products instructions. All repairs require a Repair Authorization Number from HTE USA, Inc. Proof of purchase is also required, so please keep a copy of your invoice. Shipping back to the facility for repair is not covered, however shipping the repaired product back to you is covered.

Product repairs that are not covered:

1. Damage that occurs if the product is not used according to the operating instructions in the respective product manual.

2. Damage that occurs as the result of misuse of the product.

3. Damage caused by a natural disaster, i.e. fire, flood, earthquake, etc.

4. The product must not have been used in a boat, camping, or any other non-household use.

For additional information, please refer to the limited warranty information that comes with each specific product.

Again, If you have a problem with the product during the warranty period, contact HTE Americas, Inc. and obtain a Repair Authorization Number. You are responsible for shipping the product back to them for the repair, and they will repair the product, usually at no charge during the warranty period, and ship the product back to you.