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Health and Wellness Products

Tools for Promoting Overall Well-Being and Self Healing

I love the SOQI Products because you are able to use them daily in the comfort of your own home. Using these products daily promotes overall wellness and allows you to promote health and self healing by engaging the body's innate healing capabilities. The SOQI Health and Wellness Products are based on the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and focus on energy flow, breathing, and circulation. Many Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Wellness Centers use these wellness devices in their office allowing them to assist their clients with their individual health issues.

SOQI Wellness Products

Sun Ancon Chi Machine for Health Energy Wellness Products

Chi Machine

The Original Sun Ancon Passive Aerobic Exerciser

Truly a therapeutic massager helping to temporarily relieve minor muscle aches, pain, and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion. It also promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and helps you relax from your stressful day. When we don't move, things become stagnant in the body due to poor circulation and lymph movement, which can create ill health. Its rhythmic movement gives you a unique feeling known as the "Chi Rush"! Definitely my favorite of the health and wellness products we share.

Chi Machine
SOQI FIR Dome Far Infrared Therapy

SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome

Far Infrared Therapy Thermal Energy

This wonderful ceramic heater utilizes the power of far infrared therapy to help promote circulation, relieve painful muscles and joints, as well as tension and swelling. It's unique because far infrared penetrates deep into the tissues of the body which heats up that tissue offering our body assistance with its innate healing capabilities. We also utilize a special ceramic to emit the far infrared rays. It's like having the benefits of a fever without having a fever.

SOQI Ceramic Dome
Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer Health and Wellness Products

Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer

A Reflexology Foot Massager

The ERE is so much more than a just a foot massager. It harnesses the benefits of reflexology utilizing its low frequency electrical impulses. Reflexology is known for promoting circulation, reducing stress, relaxing muscles, relieving general aches and pains, and balancing organs. It also comes with Electro Pads that can be used similarly to a TENS Unit to target large muscle groups like your lower back, hips, thighs or shoulders.

Adv Electro Reflex Energizer
E-Power Machine Health and Wellness Products

E-Power Machine

Negative Potential Energy

The E-Power Machine is just short of amazing as far as benefits go. It is a Negative Potential Body Energizer that supports all the main systems of the body, especially the structural system because of its added High Frequency Low Voltage Benefits. Our body runs on energy and the E-Power is the device to give us the charge we need when we start running low. When our body has enough energy it functions as its best delivering oxygen and nutrients to our cells and removing the wastes. E-Power's energy provides a form of energy that matches the cells natural energy known as ATP. One of our most subtle yet powerful health and wellness products.

E-Power Machine


Far Infrared Therapy & Chi Machine

The SOQI Bed combines two powerful energy sources. The energy from the Sun (SO) and the Life Force Energy (QI) found in all living things. The SOQI Bed is a Total Health Management System that can be used in your business or your home. I use mine daily and love it! Many Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, and Wellness Centers utilize the healing power of the SOQI Bed with their clients. It combines the benefits of the Chi Machine with the benefits of Far Infrared Therapy giving it more to offer than its main competitor, the Far Infrared Sauna.

Far Infrared Heating Pad Health and Wellness Products

Far Infrared Heating Pad

FIR Therapy

The far infrared heating pad is amazing because it is different than a regular heating pad. The FIR Pad gently warms you from the inside out helping relieve muscular aches and pains, back soreness. It also helps with stress and fatigue providing relaxation. Many people ask what the difference is between the FIR Dome and the FIR Pad. The FIR Dome offers more far infrared rays than the pad. Benefits are similar.

FIR Heating Pad
SOQI Graphene Belt Far Infrared Back Belt

SOQI Graphene Belt

Far Infrared Lower Back & Waist Support Belt

This belt offers the amazing power of graphene that utilizes the power of far infrared. FIR energy radiates naturally from the sun and all living things. This belt contains graphene, one of the best sources for emitting far infrared. Its warmth benefits your lower back. It helps promote proper posture helping to prevent damage from poor posture. It also helps to relieve muscular tension and soreness, especially throughout the lower back. Flip the belt around and let your waist benefit from its gentle thermal slimming effect.

Graphene Belt
SOQI Slimming Spa a Combination of Health and Wellness Products

SOQI Slimming Package

Firm * Shape * Slim

If you combine some of the SOQI Products you can create your very own SOQI Slimming Spa Package. One Chi Machine, One SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome and a bottle of Bianca Body Profile, a Sculpting and Firming Cream, is all you need to help you look trimmer. The movement from the Chi Machine promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage. The gentle far infrared heat from the SOQI FIR Dome helps to promote detoxification through sweating and boosts your metabolism. The Bianca Body Profile cream along with water and a healthy diet do the rest.

SOQI Slimming Spa
Beta Glucan Beta 1 3d Glucan Immune System Support


Immune System Support

Beta Glucan is a dietary supplement that offers support and balance for your immune system. Beta Glucan benefits are many and our suppolement contains Beta 1-3D Glucan and is of the highest quality. It's important to support a healthy immune response and system and no better product to do so than BetaGlucan. Learn more about this amazing product.

Chakra Essential Oil Blends

Chakra Essential Oil Blends

Good Mood (Heart Chakra) - Good Sleep (Crown Chakra) - Good Soul - (3rd Eye Chakra) Emotional and Physical Support

Essential Oils are widely used in association with balancing the emotions and physical aspect of the Chakras. These 3 essential oils blends can be diffused or applied topically once diluted. You can use these essential oils blends in conjunction with the SOQI Products or by themselves. Learn more about your chakras and how their associated energy relates to your wellness.

Chakra Essential Oil Blends

More of our Favorite Health and Wellness Products

Aqua Chi Foot Bath Health and Wellness Products

Aqua Chi Foot Bath

Ionic Detox Foot Bath | Bio-Electric Energy

The Aqua Chi Foot Bath was one of the first foot baths to promote negative ions utilizing its unique bio-electric charge. The negative ions generated during your foot bath session are similar to those found in waterfalls, hot springs and other naturally charged water sources. This negative ionic energy helps our body function better. The Aqua Chi Foot Bath promotes healing, detoxification, improves energy levels, and leaves you with a feeling of well-being. With today's environmental toxins and our sedentary lifestyle, this foot bath will help you maximize your health.

Aqua Chi Foot Bath
Absolute Greens - Green Drink

Absolute Greens - Green for Life

Great Tasting Green Drink!

The same great product as GoGreen just through a new supplier and name. Absolute Greens contains the same ingredients and still offers to be one of the best tasting green drinks I have ever had. Absolute Greens is a superfood green drink powder that provides a daily source of super green foods helping to balance pH and provide your body with many essential nutrients.

Absolute Greens
Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature's Sunshine Products

Vitamins - Herbs - Athletic Performance - TCM

Nature's Sunshine has been offering quality supplements for over 45 years. During my own journey back to health it was difficult to select a company. I found NSP in 1996 and love their high quality standards. I saw positive results with my own health as well as my clients. They offer a great selection of products to assist you with your health concerns. As an Independent Consultant for Nature's Sunshine I am here to answer all your questions and help with recommendations.

Q-Link Products

Q-Link Products

EMF's - Keep your BioField Balanced

Sensitive to EMF's from the world that surrounds? Science has taught us that all living things have natural resonance frequencies which are influenced by our own structure as well as what surrounds us. Q-Link Products keep your bio-field balanced offering emf protection. Q-Link can help with balancing your bio-field, promoting well-being, improving your performance and quality of life.

Q-Link Products
Healthy Water offer Water Filtration Products Aquasana

Drink Healthy Water

Do you know what's in your Water?

Using water filtration products in your home is not a luxury. You need one, especially with what happened in Michigan with the lead in the water. Aquasana makes outstanding drinking water, whole-house filters, and portable filtration system to ensure that you are drinking the cleanest and healthiest water you can. They also offer shower filters to clean up the chemicals in your water so you don't absorb them while your bathing.

Clean Healthy Water
Aromatherapy Products and Essential Oil Blends

Aromatherapy Products

Because your Nose Knows

Custom blended aromatherapy products and essential oils to bring your body, mind and soul back in balance. Essential oils work amazingly with our body through diffusing them and can help promote overall wellness, assist in keeping our emotions balanced, and can even assist you with your individual concerns. Aromatherapy Products include Bath and Shower Salts, Roll-Ons, Inhalers, Body Butters, Aroma Sprays and Custom Essential Oil Diffuser Blends.

Pet Health and Animal Supplements

Pet Health

Natural Health Supplements for Pets

Ever wondered what supplements were safe to give your pets? My cat Bolt got sick and I began my search for pet supplements to help him in a natural, more holistic way. I came across an old newsletter from Nature's Sunshine and discovered a Natural Pet Supplement company founded by Veterinarians that offered help for Bolt. I am sharing Bolt's story with you on his recovery as well as pet supplements for dogs and cats.

Pet Supplements
Healthy Habits Wellness Programs

Healthy Habits

Managing Health Naturally - Online Health Coaching!

We offer 3 online Health Coaching Wellness Programs that share a unique holistic approach to health focusing on improving lifestyle habits, diet, and gut health! It's time to focus on building your health. We offer Wellness Programs on Healthy Living, Healthy Gut and Healthy Weight, or Natural Pain Management. Our Healthy Living Program, the Healthy Habits Challenge - 13 Week Email Program is FREE and is an overview of the things Mara did on her own journey back to health.

Wellness Programs

Our SOQI Wellness Center

We do operate a local SOQI Wellness Center and if you live close to us in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area we would love to meet you! You can come

visit our Center and try one of the SOQI Products or the Aqua Chi Foot Bath. We also work with individuals and groups locally and online offering Gut Health, Weight Management and Holistic Health Consultations. Feel free to learn more about our services and remember, we strictly function on an "Appointment Only Basis".