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About Mara - Health and Wellness Coach

Knowing what it's like to feel bad dealing with chronic pain from RSD / CRPS, drives me to help others improve how they feel through the SOQI Products and as a Health and Wellness Coach.
We all deserve to be able to live more of the life we want." Mara

Mara Gerke Health and Wellness Coach

Hi! I am Mara and I love sharing the SOQI Products as well as my knowledge as a Natural Health and Wellness Coach with you. I am looking forward to helping you feel better! One day back in 1994 my life took a drastic downhill turn. I was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD / CRPS) and feeling good again seemed near impossible, you can read more about this journey through my story. Facing the near impossible, I had to look outside the box to reduce my pain, inflammation and fatigue. Since you are here, I figured you are probably wanting to feel better and better manage your health or your chronic pain. Maybe you are as sick as I was, somewhat better off than I was, or just looking to maintain your current level of health. It doesn't matter where you are. I am glad you are here. It tells me you are ready to explore a more holistic approach to your health.

Where it Began

I imagine many of you may feel like I felt before I began exploring natural options. I was full of fear and somewhat angry. Initially, when the doctor gave me my diagnosis, I felt somewhat relieved. However, that relief was short lived. The doctor continued to share with me that even though they knew what I had, they didn't know why it happened or how to fix it. They could only focus on managing its symptoms. When I heard that I was going to have a neuro inflammatory potential autoimmune condition for the rest of my life, fear set in. Does that sound familiar?

The SOQI Products

After years of following the traditional course of treatments, I decided if I wanted something different I needed to change what I was doing. Reducing my pain, inflammation and fatigue were important, so I began to make changes. In 2005, I discovered the SOQI Wellness Products. and started to focus on healthier living habits. Now, I share the SOQI Wellness Products and the information I've learned about gut health and healthy habits with others. You deserve a chance to feel the best you can feel. You should be able to do the things you love. Spending time with your families, going shopping or to the movies, and watching your kids or grand kids play softball. There is no doubt I am driven by my passion to help you improve how you feel because we both know what it feels like to feel bad. If what I have experienced and learned through my own journey will help you to feel better, I'll be very happy.

- “Take care of your body,
It's the only place you have to live". - Jim Rohn

During my journey back to feeling better, I developed a strong personal belief that "Each of us is somewhat responsible for our own health". You determine why you want to make changes, what changes you are willing to do, and when you are going to do them. Sharing what lifestyle changes I made and what products I used is how as well as my knowledge as a health and wellness coach, I can help you. All you need to do is to tap into your power from within and decide to try something new. I call that participating in your own health and opening up the possibility of being able to feel better. So let's do it - let's engage your power from within! Choose to make changes.

I truly enjoy helping others create healthier habits and I look forward to helping you feel better. Check out one of my favorite products the Chi Machine or join one of our Healthy Habits Wellness Programs and let's work together to help you start feeling better. You really do deserve to live more of the life you want!

Mara Gerke SOQI Products

Health and Wellness Coach Certifications

P.S. My Love for Animals

I love animals and am pictured below with my cat Bolt! My passion for animals is what prompted me to volunteer at our local animal shelter one afternoon per week. I love my work there, and I help out in the surgery department. I focus on cleaning the surgical packs and the cages as well as assisting the animals getting ready for surgery and through their recovery. I love making sure that the dogs and cats are doing well, so they will be ready to be loved and taken to their forever homes! Bolt, my cat, came from our local shelter, and I am grateful to have such a loving fur baby!

Health Freedome is also important. Currently, we are lucky to live in a country where we are offered the ability to choose certain natural and allopathic treatments in regards to our own health care. Health freedom is important and two organizations that help us maintain those rights are Alliance for Natural Health and the Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation. We don't ever want to lose our ability to choose!

Mara with her Cat Bolt on the SOQI Bed