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Nature's Sunshine Products takes the worry out of purchasing supplements, vitamins, and herbs. We hear a lot about supplements, vitamins, herbs and botanicals and the companies out there in the market. How do we know which ones are really offering the highest quality, and well researched products. When I began using Nature's Sunshine Products in 1996 I did my own research and found their commitment to quality and potency goes way beyond other companies and truly separates them from other companies.

Nature's Sunshine Products Vitamins and Herbs

There are many reasons we choose to take supplements. Some of us are concerned about maintaining brain and vision health. Others are interested in probiotics and digestive enzymes for maintaining gut health. Many of us are worried about our immune system health and staying healthy during cold and flu season. Whatever the reason, Nature's Sunshine Products is there to help you handle your needs. They offer over 400 products and have been sharing the healing power of herbs and nature since 1972. The founders, Gene and Kristine Hughes, were the first to ever encapsulate an herb! They began as a small business in their own home expanding and growing over the past 45 years to become the industry leader it is today.

Why I Chose Nature's Sunshine

My journey with Nature's Sunshine began in 1996 when I got an ear and sinus infection after cleaning the gutters at my house. This infection was a nasty one and I ended up at the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist with an infection they couldn't seem to help me with. I had tried eye drops, steroid nose drops and antibiotics. One day, someone I worked with told me about an "herb guy" who might be able to help me so I went to see him. We discussed my concerns and he recommended some products for respiratory system support. I purchased the products and took them like the bottle said. Shortly after taking the herbal combinations, I started noticing an improvement and started to get rid of that nasty infection. You are probably going to guess that the "herb guy" I went to used Nature's Sunshine Products. Those products really made a difference for me so I have been using them ever since. As a Holistic Health Practitioner and Herbalist, not only do I trust their quality, I always share their products with my clients and they too get results.

The Natural Way can Take Time

It's important to note that herbs aren't quick fixes. When I was taking my natural health classes, the herbalist teaching the class kept saying that herbs always work as long as you take enough of them for a long enough period of time. I found that out when I took my first herbs back in 1996. Even though I felt better rather quickly, I stuck with them for 90 days to fully address my concern. I hope if you decide to try an herbal or botanical product you do the same. Commit to take the product for at least 60 or 90 days before making a conclusion. Give the herb time to work! It's kind of like wanting to get fit. You can't work out 3 times a week for 30 days and then quit because you didn't firm up how you wanted to. If you want to learn more about why you should consider adding vitamins and herbs to your wellness routine, read this article.


Nature's Sunshine is an industry leader when it comes to quality. They do their own raw material sourcing and testing. They also formulate all of their products to ensure the highest potency and purity. They also do their own in-house manufacturing testing their product quality from start to finish. Each product actually undergoes over 600 tests utilizing the best equipment and technologies. Feel free to watch this video and learn more about their process here.

Commitment to Education

Nature's Sunshine Products Vitamins and Herbs

Nature's Sunshine believes in educating their customers and their practitioners. Nature's Sunshine has more trained herbalists and practitioners than any other company found in today's marketplace. Their educational webinars are taught by experts in their fields. Many of their educators are MD's, Pharmacists, Master Herbalists, Holistic Health Practitioners and Nutritional Consultants. Once you become a Nature's Member you will have access to their many educational webinars.

Unique Herbal Combinations & Botanicals

Nature's Sunshine offers over 600 products and have 475 herbal combinations that are unique. This gives you as their customer a variety of choices for addressing your concerns. Nature's Sunshine has skillfully designed these herbal and botanical combinations maximizing potency while ensuring safety. They also offer unique Chinese Herbal Formulas as well as Ayurvedic Combinations. No other company offers such a full array of products to assist its customers.

Sharing Nature's Sunshine Products is Easy

What makes them even more unique is they offer a variety of ways you can share there amazing products with others! Whether you are a health professional like myself, a customer, or want to be an affiliate. If you share you earn! Feel free to learn more about their sharing options. The best part about is, all first time customers save 25% off their first order!

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Where do I Start?

If you are wondering what to take. Nature's Sunshine Products offers an easy to navigate website categorized by Health Concerns and/or Body Systems. Remember, you don't have to do this alone. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 800-728-2425 or send me an email. I am very knowledgeable about these products. I use them all the time when working with clients. I really love how effective they are for helping my clients with their concerns. They work great for taking you from Point A to Point B!

Shop by Health Topics

You may already have a concern and are looking for support. Check out Mara's top products for each Health Topic. If you are online you can shop our Nature's Sunshine Shop (Sponsor #230475).

Supplements and Herbs for Aches & Pain | Turmeric, Everflex, Everflex Lotion, IF Relief, Tei-Fu Lotion. These products can help with joint and muscle pain, arthritis pain and back or lower back pain. These products help with muscle recovery, promote muscle flexibility and mobility, as well as offer support.

Herbs for Supporting Blood Sugar | Sugar Reg (Ayurvedic), Chromium GTF, Cinnamon Balance, Berberine. These products support pancrease and glandular health as well as normal-range blood sugar levels.

Vitamins for Bone & Joint Health | Magnesium Complex, Skeletal Strength, Joint Support, Vitamin D3, Calcium, Everflex, Collagen. These vitamins offer nutrients for proper structural system function inlcuding your bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and skin.

Supplements for Children's Health | Probiotics, Papayazyme. These supplements support digestive and gut health in children helping them to keep a healthy immune system.

Herbs for Gut Detox & Cleansing | Clean Start 14 Day Colon Cleanse, Candida Clear, Para Cleanse, Tiao He Cleanse. These are cleansing kits and offer support for the natural cleansing of waste from the body. Many have noticed improved energy and an overall feeling of well-being after completing the detox.

Vitmins and Herbs for Energy | Magnesium, B-Complex, Energ-V, Solstic Energy, Power Beets, Methyl Combo, ThaiGo. These products enhance energy, support nervous system function, increases mental clarity, exercise endurance and stamina. They also support a good mood.

Blends of Essential Oils | Breathe Deep Blend, Recover Blend, Essential Shield, Refuge, Inspire, Recover, Relief, Woman's Changes, Individual Essential Oils. I love essential oils because they are so emotionally balancing. Whether you are trying to open up your sinuses, soothe sore muscles, support a healthy immune system, support your hormones, or relax and become motivated, Nature's Sunshine has an essential oil blend for you!

Herbs for eye health and Eye Support | Lutein, Perfect Eyes, Eyebright, SuperTrio, Bilberry. With so much computer work our eyes can become fatigued so maintaining eye health is a very important issue. These products are full of antioxidants and can help protects your eyes against damaging blue light as well as supporting healthy eye composition.

Sports Performance and Fitness | Love and Peas Protein, Nature's Harvest, Aivia, Power Beets. These products are packaed full of nutrition for those of us who love to keep moving. Muscle recovery and energy as well as structural and cardiovascular support are key to being able to perform your best. These products do not disappoint when it comes to making sure to fill that gap.

FLower Essences | Distress Remedy, Find Strength, Keep Cool, Open Heart, Release It. Emotions are an important component to overall health and wellness. These formulas are based off of Dr. Bach's original 38 essences and promote emotional balance in different areas.

Herbs for Gut Health & Digestion | Ultrabiome DTX, Food Enzymes, Proactazyme Plus, Liquid Chlorophyll, Probiotic 11, Bacillus Coagulans, Intestinal Soothe and Build, Yeast Fungal Detox. Gut health and a properly functioning digestive system are key to a strong immune system and overall health. These products promote healthy digestion, relieve occasional bloating and pressure, and support intestinal and digestive tract detoxification.

Herbs for Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails | HSN Complex, HSN-W, Collagen, Skin Detox, Pau D'Arco Lotion. Every now and again your skin can act up and a blemish or rash can appear. Support your skin and its detoxification pathways with nutritional support from these herbs. These combinations support healthy skin, hair,nails, offer support for yur joints and bones as well as gut health. Beauty comes from within.

Supplements for Heart Health | Cholesterol-Reg II, Blood PressureX, CoQ10 Plus, Capsicum, Garlic and Parsley, Solstic Cardio, Vari-Gone. These offer support for your circulatory system, cholesterol levels and blood pressure within normal range. They also boost ntric oxide for better blood flow.

Herbs for Immune Support | VS-C, Lymphomax, Elderberry D3Fense, Vitamin D3, Echinacea, Seasonal Defense, Silver Shield, CC-A. Support your immune function with these herbs. Designed to aid your immune system in detoxification, physical endurance, combatting fatigue and staying healthy during the change of seasons.

Supplements for Memory, Focus and Brain | Super Omega 3, Mind Max, Brain Protex, Focus Attention. It's important to supoort proper brain function, memory and concentration. Our brain is full of neurotransmitter and their health is necessary to maintain a healthy mind.

Vitamins for Men's Health | Men's Formula, PS II, Saw Palmetto, X-Action Reloaded. Support and protection of the prostate gland and offers nutrition to maintain male glandular health.

Mood | NutriCalm, SamE, St. John's Wort, Anxiousless, Adaptamax. Supporting your mood is important during today's hectic lifestyles. These products support the nervous system, emotional well-being and balance.

PreNatal | Nature's PreNatal MultiVitamin offers a host of nutrition for expecting mothers, containing the essential nutrients needed.

Herbs for Respiratory & Seasonal Support | Seasonal Allergy (ALJ), Bronchial Formula, Histablock, Sinus Support. Allergies, asthma, colds and flus are no fun. These herbs were designed to provides traditional respiratory support and help to loosen chest congestion as well as soothing irritated membranes and tissues.

Herbs for Sleep | Herbal Sleep, Kava Kava, Nerve Eight. Herbs used traditionally to relieve occasional anxiety and calm your nervous sytem promoting sleep.

Supplements for Stress & Relax | Nutri Calm, Stress-J, Stress Relief, Ashwagandha, Nervous Fatigue, Anxiousless. Give your nervous system some support with these unique blends. Relieve occasional stress, fatiggue, anxiousness, and feel more at ease.

Traditional Chinese Medicine | Unique TCM Blends to help promote balance within the 5 Elements. Learn more about TCM and how it may help you with your flow.

Weight Management | CLA, Collatrim, UltraTherm, Cortisol Forumla, Love and Peas, Stixated, Fat Grabbers. Maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult for many of us. These products can help with sugar cravings, fiber, protein, and managing healthy cortisol levels.

Women's Health | Female Comfort, Flash Ease, Natural Changes, X-Action for Women. Support your hormones naturally with these blends from PMS through Menopause.

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