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Dr. Lopez Conference Call 10/22/2008

In this conference call and the next conference call Dr. Lopez shares some benefits of the SOQI Products including the Chi Machine and the SOQI FIR Dome (formerly the HotHouse). Dr. Lopez was an oncologist and is now retired. He believes that prevention is your best bet against cancer. Prevention includes nutrition, exercise, emotional balance and using the SOQI wellness products. Later on, Dr. Lopez developed neuropathy and was introduced to the Chi Machine and SOQI FIR Dome through Dr. Lipton. Both products helped him and helped him recover from his symptoms of neuropathy and improved his overall well-being. He believes in the products and explains how they help you improve your overall well-being. Benefits includes promoting circulation, oxygenation, relaxation, lymphatic movement (edema), and supporting a healthy immune system. Good circulation is the key to good health. Using both products together especially utilizing the warmth of the Far Infrared Dome helps create synergy promoting more of their overall benefits. He also discusses the E-Power and its benefits of promoting balance and energy as well as the Electro Reflex Energizer with its electrical stimulation and reflexology benefits.

Dr. Lopez Converence Call 09/16/09

Dr. Lopez shares his first experience using the Chi Machine and SOQI FIR Dome (formerly the HotHouse). He also shares the benefits he received using both for his diabetic neuropathy. Dr. Lopez also shares information on bronchitis, weight loss, diabetes, and other respiratory problems. Dr. Lopez also stresses how important your diet and drinking clean water is for your overall health.

Dr. Nathan Lipton - The Science of Chi

Dr. Lipton was an ophthalmologist and shared the Chi Machine and SOQI Far Infrared Dome with his patients. He explains that the SOQI Products are part of energy medicine and healing. He also does a brief comparison of energy medicine to current healthcare. He shares the potential of energy medicine and using the SOQI Wellness Products for your overall health. He reviews the products relation to chinese medicine / theory, discussing the flow of energy through the meridians, acupressure and creating balance of the nervous system. He discusses the Chi Machine and its importance of circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic movement and drainage. He also discusses the relaxation effect on your mental and emotional health. Dr. Lipton then discusses the benefits of Far Infrared and how its thermal energy (heat) supports a healthy immune system, helps your body with cytokines, helps athletes recover from injuries. Far infrared also helps with detoxification of heavy metals and why toxicity impacts your overall health and why it has become a concern. Remember, far infrared rays are the beneficial rays of the sun and very safe to use.

Understanding Far Infrared with Dr. Tate

Dr. Tate is a dentist and a researcher with extensive knowledge on far infrared. Dr. Tate will be sharing an in-depth discussion on what far infrared is and its medical benefits. Far infrared is part of the light spectrum and a photon. He discusses what a photon is and how the the SOQI 180 degree dome's design improves its effectiveness. Far infrared penetrates deeply into the skin and is very safe. He also briefly discuss how far infrared is being used for many applications including in space and photon therapy. Dr. Tate also shares how it supports your immune system, nitric oxide production, relieves pain, and improves circulation.

Far Infrared Rays with Linda Zeller

Linda shares her experience with far infrared during her own cancer recovery. How she uses the SOQI Bed (Chi Machine with 3 Far Infrared Domes) and Electro Reflex Energizer to maintain her own overall health as well as helping others with their health. She is extremely well educated in far infrared and shares her knowledge with you. She also shares her holistic approach to overall health and how what we choose matters. She has a five step protocol which inlcudes prayer and meditation, SOQI Products, diet and lifestyle changes, toxicity and cleansing, and balancing hormones.