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By Nathan L. Lipton, M.D., F.A.A.O.

There are other forms of healing throughout the world, including healing with energy. The predominant type of medicine we have in North America, as well as in other developed countries, is referred to as Western or allopathic medicine. It is also the best in the world. We are blessed to be living here so we can benefit from this advanced form of medical care. When people of means who live elsewhere in the world get sick -- they will seek out medical care in North America or in one of the other many countries around the world offering this approach.

The paradigm characterizing this type of medicine is as follows: for specific disease we use a specific therapy, typically medication. Thus the treatments are disease-specific. So if we have diabetes we will use a drug such as Glucophage. If we have another disease such as arthritis Glucophage will be of no use. We have to use a dug that is specific for arthritis.

Chiology - Healing with Energy

However there is another paradigm, referred to as energy medicine or Chiology. This method is based on the concept that the human body is -- among other things, an electrical system. For example when we have an electrocardiogram, we are measuring the electrical activity of the heart. An electroencephalogram measures the electrical functioning of the brain. Our bloodstream has electrolytes flowing through it.

The best device utilizing healing with energy or energy medicine I have encountered is called the Chi Machine. This was invented by a Japanese physician Dr. Shizou Inoue who spent over 35 years developing it. In my experience with several hundred patients the Chi machine has proven therapeutically beneficial for the following conditions:

  • Anklyosing Spondylitis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Emphysema
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain Conditions
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Headaches
  • Peripheral Neuropathy, etc, etc, etc.

Chi Machine Celebrating 30 Years of Healing with Energy

How is this possible? How can a single therapy help so many diverse conditions? This simply doesn't fit our traditional medical paradigm. The answer to the question "How can the Chi Machine help so many different conditions?" is as follows:

The Chi Machine empowers the body to heal offering a type of healing with energy and virtually whatever pathology is afflicting it. The human body was designed and built by God in heaven -- the greatest architect and creator of all. The good lord also built into our human anatomy an energy source which is called different names by various cultures. The Asian culture calls it Qi or Chi. The East Indian culture labels it Prana. In Jewish terminology, the term is one that is very similar to the word chi; that word is Chai. No matter the name used, they all refer to the same phenomenon.

This Chi energy exists in every human being as a dormant, latent or potential energy source. Often this energy is present flowing at a very low level, but it is possible to manifest or activate this energy. When this is done - two things happen:

  • We feel wonderful.
  • The healing with energy of many diseases is possible.

Activating the Healing Chi Energy

The trick is how to stimulate or activate our Chi energy. The great genius of Dr. Inoue was his development of a mechanical device -- namely the Chi Machine as an effortless, enjoyable way to get the Chi energy flowing. All of us who use and love the Chi Machine know exactly what I am referring to here.

The Chi Machine in an almost magical fashion is able to instantly power up the Chi energy force in our bodies. I have had some patients the very first time they use the Chi Machine - describe that their entire body is vibrating when it stops moving. For many it is very profound. And the therapeutic results are often extraordinary. This is the power of the Chi Machine. All of us who have been working with the Chi Machine - using it ourselves and introducing it to others, are acquainted with incredible even miraculous healing with energy that have been achieved with the Chi Machine. As a physician I never cease to be amazed at what the Chi Machine is capable of as a treatment device. My mission is to accelerate the acceptance of the Chi Machine among doctors and other health care professionals everywhere. Of course one doesn't have to be a doctor to introduce the Chi Machine to others. All of us can share the Chi Machine with those who are in pain or who have a condition form which they have been unable to get relief. The worst thing is for someone to be suffering from a condition unnecessarily, because they simply don't know about an effective treatment that is available. Most people have never heard of the Chi Machine. Our mandate then is to be of service to others by continuing to spread the word about the amazing Chi Machine.

12 Commonly Reported Benefits of the Chi Machine:

  1. Relief from muscle stiffness and chronic pain - especially back and neck pain.
  2. Improved blood circulation.
  3. Improved lymphatic drainage.
  4. Improved function of the internal organs.
  5. Stronger immune system.
  6. Relief from headaches.
  7. More energy and greater sense of well-being.
  8. Stronger and more limber spine and joints.
  9. Better skin tone.
  10. Sounder more restful sleep.
  11. Weight loss, firming and toning of the thighs, hips, buttocks, and breasts.
  12. Greatly increased ability to relax and let go of stress and tension.

Audio File on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine

The above audio files were recorded during distributor conference calls
and are meant for educational purposes.

Dr. Nathan Lipton reviews how he uses the Chi Machine and SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome (formerly the HotHouse) with his patients. He also discusses current medical practice with prescriptions and how he feels energy medicine will impact the medical field.

Doctors and the Chi Machine

By Nathan L. Lipton, M.D., F.A.A.O.

The concept of energy medicine or healing with energy can be difficult for many to understand. Recently, I had a conversation with a friend, a psychiatrist - about The Chi Machine. Her in-laws have one and are benefiting from its use. My friend kept asking me to explain what The Chi Machine does and how it works. I told her everything I knew in response to her question, but it seemed no matter what I told her, she just couldn't understand. Finally, I took another tact; I knew that in her specialty, patients are sometimes treated with ECT (electro convulsive or shock therapy). I asked her to tell me how that worked. She struggled to explain telling me how the ECT "rearranges the ions in the brain etc."; it was obvious that she really didn't have a clear idea of how that treatment worked. All she did know really was that ECT worked in some patients. I told her that the Chi Machine also worked. After that she stopped questioning me about The Chi Machine.

Many members of the medical profession don't know what to make of the Chi Machine. I guess I am an exception. I have always been open to anything that might help my patients (as well as myself and family) - even if it is outside mainstream medicine. I take this approach, because there are many conditions in my field of ophthalmology, as well as medicine in general - for which we do not have a cure or satisfactory treatment. Regrettably, some of my professional colleagues are not so open to anything not taught in medical school or presented in medical conferences or professional journals.

Another major source of information to doctors comes from detail men (and women) - representatives from pharmaceutical companies who regularly call on doctors to educate (i.e. promote) the latest advance from their companies; obviously these individuals are not very objective in what they impart. Nevertheless, the drug companies have found that their representatives are able to effectively influence the prescribing habits of the medical profession.

Sharing the Chi Machine

One of the first patients I introduced the Chi Machine to was MaryAnne Hill. She and her husband David were in my office for eye exams. MaryAnne has multiple sclerosis which required her to use a wheelchair. After she tried The Chi Machine for 10 minutes she noticed that the muscles in her legs were not as stiff and became more mobile; plus she was delighted with how "good she felt". They ordered a Chi Machine and after she used it for a month, she went to the medical school here in Dallas to see her neurologist. He asked her how she was doing with her MS and she said, "I am doing fantastic!" Her doctor was a little surprised and then she informed him she was using her Chi Machine every day and that it was helping her improve more than any other therapy before. He looked at her and asked, "What's a Chi Machine?" He contacted me and I provided him some information.

As an ophthalmologist, I regularly am referred patients by rheumatologists. Many arthritis patients are prescribed a medication called Plaquenil which is an effective drug but has the potential to cause vision problems. The protocol for patients taking Plaquenil requires them to be checked by an ophthalmologist every 6 months. Fortunately, vision problems are extremely rare. Since having The Chi Machine (and SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome), I have introduced these devices to arthritis patients who - despite excellent care by their rheumatologists - were still very symptomatic. Some began using the Chi Machine, (plus, in some cases, the SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome) and experienced significant improvement in their symptoms. When these patients reported improvement to their rheumatologist, the doctors contacted me for information. To his credit, one doctor purchased a Chi Machine.

I participate in an online discussion with other ophthalmologists all over the world who are performing Lasik laser vision correction. Someone posed the question about how to relax Lasik patients pre-operatively. I informed the group about how I put all of my Lasik patients on the Chi Machine and under the SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome (formerly the HotHouse) for 10 minutes immediately prior to their procedure. This led to many questions and discussion about The Chi Machine. One of the ophthalmologists ordered a Chi Machine and after he used it for a few days, he sent me an e-mail with a very succinct but powerful message: "It works!"

I am on a mission with The Chi Machine and the SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome (formerly the HotHouse): to educate physicians and other healthcare professionals (as well as the public) about these incredible devices. Obviously, one doesn't need to be a physician to do this; all of us who believe in the health benefits of these amazing machines can carry this message to the world. As a result of our efforts, we can improve the health of many people.

Dr. Nathan Lipton, M.D., F.A.A.O. is board-certified in opthalmology. He completed his residency at the University of Toronto, where he won the Woywitka Award for Outstanding Resident. In practice in Dallas, Texas since 1979, Dr. Lipton specializes in lasik laser vision correction and uses the Chi Machine and SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome (formerly the HotHouse) to relax his patients preoperatively. His mission is to accelerate the acceptance of the Chi Machine and HotHouse among health care professionals everywhere.

Dr. Nathan Lipton has passed away. His passion for sharing the SOQI Products including the Chi Machine and SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome (formerly the HotHouse) among health care professionals, his kindness and passion for helping others will always be remembered and appreciated.