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Natural Lymes Disease Treatment

All About Lymes Disease

Tick - Natural Lymes Disease Treatment

You may be wondering why I am going to talk about Natural Lymes Disease Treatments. Lymes Disease has affected several of our customers as well as friends. In fact, even one of the instructors I had at Trinity College of Natural Health had Lyme Disease. All of these people shared with me how they were managing it. Many of them have even used the SOQI Products to help them. I am going to share with you some Facts about Lyme Disease and what I have learned through sharing these Natural Lymes Disease Treatments. I hope you find this article beneficial and can use some of the information or links to enhance your journey back to health.

What is Lymes Disease

According to the CDC Lymes Disease is caused by a bacteria that is transmitted to humans through a tick bite. The tick is a black legged tick or a deer tick and are found to be the only type of tick infected with this bacteria in the United States. The black legged tick has a hard body and a life cycle of 2 years which makes them a perfect carrier. Many people who get bitten will notice a bull eyes rash encompassing the bite while others don't know they have been bitten ("Classic" Erythema Migrans Rash"). Symptoms associated with Lyme Disease include the bullseye rash, fever, fatigue, headache. For those who don't notice a rash or realize they have been bitten, left untreated Lyme Disease can progress affecting your joints, heart and nervous system.

bulls eye rashEach year, the CDC receives 30,000 new case reports of this disease. Lyme Disease is usually diagnosed by its symptoms and the knowledge of being bitten by a tick. Often times, blood tests are done to check for the bacteria, however, if the tests are not done properly they are not conclusive. Often times when treated with antibiotics, the symptoms subside. However, that isn't the case for everyone and approximately 20% of the people treated with antibiotics continue to have symptoms which can lead to Chronic Lymes Disease.

Please don't minimize the potential of your risk. If you are an outdoor person take precautions and protect yourself from getting bitten. Take the time when you do come inside, to begin the habit of scanning yourself for ticks. I live on a farm and I have had my share of tick bites. Thank goodness none of them have resulted in Lyme Disease, however, some of my neighbors haven't been that lucky. Later in the article I will share with you information about what my neighbor used to help him. You may find me over cautious when I share with you that I carry a tick removal kit with me in my purse, pocket or car. I don't want those disgusting things on me any longer than they have to be. If I notice one crawling around or starting to burrow itself in me, I want to make sure I have the tools to get them off quickly. The less time they are on you after the bite, the less chance you have of becoming infected.

Natural Lymes Disease Treatment

Building Health

You can't continue to have the same lifestyle habits, take a supplement or a medication and truly expect to get well. Our bodies are holistic with our mind, body and soul interacting to create our environment of health or disease. I can't say that enough. One of the first things I learned in natural health school was that it takes more work and nutrients to restore the health in our body then it does to maintain it. That being said, when trying to recover we have to focus on different aspects of healing. Besides focusing on improving how we feel. We need to support certain body systems helping to fight off the bacteria, virus, fungus, molds and toxins that got us here. In other words we need to build and cleanse the body helping to make it stronger and to get rid of the bad things all at the same time. Many experts on Natural Lymes Disease Treatment focus on the following top 3 areas.

  1. Restoring gut health.
  2. Cleaning up the body helping to help it get rid of toxic substances especially heavy metals.
  3. Focus on supporting a healthy immune system to fend off the invaders using wellness tools, foods, herbal and nutritional support.

It is very similar to the approach I used to restore my own health after being diagnosed with RSD, a chronic pain / neuro autoimmune disorder which I disucss in my 13 week free email program for creating healthier habits. In my lifestyle guide I also touch on Faith, Hope, Prayer and Emotions. For me that would definitely be #4! Our emotions impact our health. It has been proven when we are under stress our immune system struggles. It is also hard to regain your health if you do not believe you will get better which is where faith, hope and prayer can help. Managing my emotions and stress as well as my strong spiritual belief were also instrumental in my recovery. Bach Flowers work great for helping you with your emotions. They are very balancing and subtle and safe for all to take. You can view Nature's Sunshine Products Flower Remedy here and select one that fits your needs.

Gut Health

gut health natural lymes disease treatmentWith all of today's current knowledge on the intimate relationship our gut health has with our immune health, it's almost impossible to have a healthy gut or digestive system if we are sick. They are connected which is why this is an important part of the natural Lymes Disease treatment! So I always share with my customers my own journey back to health which begins with what we give our body in the form of food, hydration, and the products we use. These three things will go a long way for promoting and improving overall health. The healthy microbiome that reside within our body and our gut love to eat plants, fiber and fermented foods. The other types of food we eat like processed breads and grains as well as foods high in sugar feed the bad guys.

So the first place to start when wanting to focus on creating a healthier gut is to eat lots of plants which include low sugar fruits, leafy greens and tons of vegetables. This makes it easy because most of the food you are eating is also high in fiber which the good bacteria love just as well. You also want to make sure to add some fermented foods like kefir, tempeh, kombucha, miso, probiotic yogurt and sauerkraut which is my favorite!. I am not saying you can never eat anything else you just need to lay off of it for now until you recover. Many people exclude gluten, dairy and legumes during their initial recovery as well as all processed foods and sugar. As you progress, you can start adding items back (the healthy versions of them) one item at a time and very little at a time to see how your body reacts and how they affect you. Many people who are dealing with a chronic illness have found the AutoImmune (AIP) Protocol Diet or Paleo Diet beneficial.

Toxicity & Heavy Metals

Heavy metal toxicity is a huge issue for many people, even those who are not addressing a chronic condition. Heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, and aluminum are found in trace amounts in our water, in pesticides, our anti-perspirants, cigarettes, and even some of the fish we eat. It's no secret that many of us, even newborn babies are ladened with toxic chemicals as well as heavy metals. Heavy metals as well as bacteria and fungus create biofilms in our body similar to dental plaque. Biofilms are a group of one or more microorganisms that can grow on many different types of surfaces throughout our body. When the biofilms form they can dampen our immune system. That is why focusing on detoxification and helping the body get rid of these biofilms is important. Many individuals with Lyme Disease also have co infections and one of the common ones is a Parasitic co-infection which also should be addressed. There are many anti-parasitic herbs and cleanses that can assist with that.

heavy metal toxicityThere are many ways to get rid of heavy metal toxicity. Far Infrared Therapy is known to be very effective for helping the body get rid of heavy metals. The sweat from a person using far infrared therapy has been studied and it was found to contain more toxins including heavy metals than sweat tested through normal activity. Using a Far Infrared Device like the SOQI Ceramic Heater daily in your own home can be very beneficial for detoxification. Dr. Klinghardt has also streamlined a detox protocol and mentions the Foot Detox Bath, and to use the herbs Cilantro and Chlorella which act as chelators. Dr. Davidson recommends chelating agents or herbs including Cilantro, Garlic, and Algin. Ultrabiome DTX with Bacillus Coagulans these products are from Nature's Sunshine and have been clinically studied and found to reduce heavy metals by 76% which is amazing.

Support for your Immune System

Supporting a strong and healthy immune system is an essential part of this natural Lymes Disease treatment. Our immune system is much more than just gut health and getting rid of heavy metals. It is somewhat complex and while it is referred to as a system, the immune system relies on several other systems in the body to remain at the top of its game. It relies heavily on maintaining a healthy circulatory system and lymphatic system. Movement of both of these systems keeps oxygen and nutrients going to our cells and wastes coming away from our cells and out of the body. The more movement and fluid our circulatory and lymphatic systems are the better able the immune system is to function and do its job. Many people use the Rebounder, the Chi Machine or practice Tai-Chi or Chi-Gong to keep these systems moving.

Another part of health is pH. pH can indicate the energy, speed of digestion and overall health of our body. In fact, our body maintains various pH levels depending on its function. The pH of our blood strives to maintain a level of 7.35 to 7.45. While our stomach maintains a pH level of 1.0 to 3.5. Our stomach is acidic because as part of the immune defense system it is able to assist the body by protecting it from pathogens trying to enter through our food. There is no doubt that when our health becomes compromised our pH level is compromised. Having a compromised pH level can mean we have become too acidic or too alkaline. Many individuals I have worked with have had problems maintaining their pH balance. One of my customers used the E-Power Machine and found it helped her balance her blood pH. I wasn't really surprised since the E-Power Machine promotes the balance of the energy meridian system throughout the body.

Herbal Natural Lymes Disease Treatment and Support


herbal support natural lymes disease treatmentI shared with you in the beginning of this article about an instructor of mine who had Lyme Disease. He was an author and a clinical herbalist and found the herb Teasel to be extremely beneficial for helping support his overall health as well as a healthy nervous system. He discovered Teasel in Matthew Wood's Book "The Book of Herbal Wisdom". He used Teasel for his recovery from Lyme Disease and also used it for many of his clients dealing with various conditions including chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr, ALS, and MS. At one point during his illness before his discovery of Teasel it was all he could do to stay awake. His daily functioning was extremely limited. You can read his personal journey with Lyme Disease and how he handled it naturally. I have recommended Teasel to many customers over the years, including my neighbor, and have yet to find someone it hasn't helped. If you are interested in purchasing some, you can do so in his Ebay Store

Other Herbs and Essential Oils

Many experts have used herbal supplements to support detoxification as well as to support the immune system. Some of the most common herbs to assist the body include cat's claw, garlic, a blend of mushrooms including reishi and cordyceps (My Immune Defense), vitamin c, b vitamins, tumeric, olive leaf, alpha lipoic acid, omega 3's. There are also many essential oils found to be very effective including oregano, cinnamon, clove, myrrh, and palmarosa.

Where do you Start

Many of you may be wondering where you begin restoring your health. Below is a list of items I would focus on in the beginning.

  • Water - Make sure you Drink More Water and Herbal Teas to keep your body hydrated and to help with detoxification.
  • Focus on eating whole foods and try avoiding gluten, dairy, and processed and sugary foods for at least 60 days.
  • Focus on building gut health with their clinically studied Ultrabiome DTX with Bacillus Coagulans and begin restoring the healthy microbiome in your gut and help your body get rid of toxins, especially heavy metals.
  • SOQI Wellness Products - Add the Chi Machine to promote circulation and lymphatic movement and add the SOQI FIR Pad to help your body with its aches and pains.
  • Teasel - I have seen such great results with this herb that I would start on it right away, but start slowly to avoid a herxheimer reaction with 1-2 drops per day. Purchase Teasel.

The above are the top 5 things I have done with many clients and they have noticed that they feel better.

More Resources for Natural Lymes Disease Treatments

I have been following the experts on Lyme Disease for years and many have shared their passion and personal stories of recovery. If you are not familiar with them I have mentioned a few for your to reference. Dr. Rawls shares his story and how his journey back to health from Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia included herbs as well as restoring gut health. Dr Jay Davidson helped his wife recover from her life long journey battling Lyme Disease and now helps many with their chronic illness. Dr. Mincoff specializes in chronic illness and Lyme Disease and operates a wellness center in Florida. Dr. Klinghart is known for his 4 step treatment for Lyme Disease. I hope you check out these resources to help you as you transition back to health.

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