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Pet Health Duke, Brutus, Blackie, Spoose, Buckwheat

Always in my heart!

Pet health is super important to me. I love my fur babies and I am sure you do as well! At one time I had two big dogs and 3 cats in my house. I had a German Shephard named Duke, an Australian Shepherd named Brutus and 3 cats - Princess Blackie, Spoose and Buckwheat (pictured below). All of them have passed, however, they all lived long healthy lives. Duke was 13, Brutus was 12, Princess Blackie Kitty was 20, Spoose and Buckwheat were both 16. No matter how long they are with us, it's never long enough. I miss all my fur babies, especially Duke and Brutus, a.k.a. my boys! They were great company for me out in the country and being a pet owner has some healthy benefits! Taking a more holistic approach to health with my animals came natural to me because of my background in aromatherapy and herbal medicine. Natural animal supplements or pet supplements can also assist im improving overall pet health.

Animal Supplements for Dogs

Duke and Brutus were my first big dogs. Duke weighed 95 pounds and Brutus 85 Pounds. Having big dogs I naturally worried about supporting their structural system and keeping their hips healthy. My vet advised giving them supplements in dog treats would be beneficial for supporting their joints. With having such big dogs, I was giving them lots of treats. Steven Horne, an herbalist familiar with Nature's Sunshine Products produced a newsletter referencing several of the NSP products that could also be used for animal supplements. You can view information on these pet supplements in his Flyer on Pet Health if you would like. I noticed on the flyer that we could give the dogs Everflex to support their structural system and Omega 3 Fatty Acids for a beautiful coat of fur.

The Natural Pet Health Routine

Wanting my boys to stay active till the end (which they both did) I got into the habit of giving each of them pet supplements that included one Everflex every other day and one Omega 3 Fatty Acid daily. They both had beautiful fur and healthy joints! I think I actually have sold more Everflex to large dog owners than I have people! I also worried about their paws, especially in the winter. The salt and snow and ice can be pretty rough on their pads. I started making them a natural paw wax to keep the pads of their feets protected in the winter. I wanted their paws to remain smooth and comfy for them. You can view the Paw Wax Recipe, its super easy, all you need is beeswax and olive oil.

Bolt's Story with Animal Supplements for Cats

A picture of my cat Bolt in the SOQI FIR Far Infrared Therapy Dome

Bolt recuperating under the SOQI FIR (Far Infrared) Dome

My current fur baby is Bolt the cat. He is absolutely gorgeous and full of energy. In fact, he is one of the most active cats I have ever had, especially for how big he is! This past month he got sick. He woke up and it was very difficult for him to walk. I was heart broken to see him like that. Early in October I took Bolt in for his yearly exam and shots. Within two weeks he became lame in his back end. I first noticed he had used the bathroom throw rugs instead of his litter box. Then I noticed he had trouble jumping on the bed. Every morning I go in the basement and exercise and Bolt joins me. However, one morning I noticed he didn't tackle the stairs.

Naturally I brought him back to the vet thinking he was inflamed at the injection site which was causing his problem. The vet didn't agree with me and felt he had possibly injuried his back. She talked me into a cortisone shot to reduce the swelling. I brought Bolt home with me and he was up and walking for a few days then went right back to where he started - lameness in the back end. I also noticed that he was now sneezing and had drainage from his eyes.

Second Opinion

I then decided to talk Bolt to another Vet. When she looked at the cat, she felt he was having inflammation from something, and agreed it could be from the shots however she wasn't sure. She did feel that the cortisone injection weakened his immune system causing an old dormant virus to flare back up causing some respiratory issues. Due to his fragile condition, she gave him a shot of antibiotics to make sure the infection did not advance which is common. The vet also advised me to give the cat an animal supplement of l-Lysine and gave me some eye gel for his eyes. This isn't what I expected for Bolt, he is only 6 years old and was so active. I was very upset about all of this. How could a healthy cat get so bad so quickly!

Holistic Pet Health and Supplements

Well, since I am into holistic health for my own health as well as having used it with my boys (dogs) I began searching for a more holistic approach to Bolt's care. I referenced the Pet Health Flyer and ordered some L-Lysine, VS-C and Everflex from Nature's Sunshine which soon became his animal supplements. I also started using the the SOQI Far Infrared Dome with Bolt. Far Infrared therapy is very beneficial for the body helping to relieve aches and pains and promoting circulation. I didn't have a problem with him lying under it. He really seemed to enjoy its soothing warm heat.

The Animal Supplements for Cats Arrived

When the supplements arrived from NSP, I opened up the L-Lysine capsules and started sprinkling the powder on his wet food twice a day. I also began giving him 3-4 drops of the VS-C liquid once per day. The Everflex presented a challenge, they were tablets and I crushed them to make a powder. Unfortunately, Bolt wasn't crazy about how it tasted and refused to eat his food with the Everflex powder on it.

I had to find something to support his structural system so I began searching online for other pet supplements when I came across Pet Wellbeing.  I noticed right awas that they had an Arthrits and Joint Support section for cats and went straight to it. Once in that section, I ordered a bag of their Agile Joints Plus and a bottle of Agile Joint Arthritis and Joint Support for Cats. I couldn't wait for the products to arrive because I read lots of testimonials on their website and became hopeful that I would be able to make Bolt more comfortable.

A picture of my cat Bolt taking a nap on the bed. One of his favorite spots.

The supplements arrived within a couple of days. I began giving Bolt 2 of the Agile Joints Plus chews per day and 4-5 drops of the Agile Joint Support Liquid 1 time per day. Well the results were exciting!

Within 2 weeks Bolt was walking comfortably and able to jump onto the bed to take a nap. What really happened to Bolt I am not sure of. Whether he really injured his back or had an inflammatory reaction to the shot. Regardless, I am glad he is back to being more of himself with the help of the animal supplements. I do not know if he will be as active as he once was, however, I beleive he is still healing. I am so thankful that he is over his viral infection and able to be more comfortable as he continues his healing proecess.

Sharing Animal Supplements

I encourage you to learn more about these products and how they can help your cat or dog feel better. Please review thePet Health Flyer with the NSP Products on them. If you want to try any of them you can shop Nature's Sunshine Products. You may also check out Pet Wellbeing's Website. Having a sick fur baby can be devestating for those of us who love animals. For me, Bolt isn't just a cat, he is part of our family!

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P.S. As a true animal lover, each Friday I donate time and work in Triage at the local animal shelter. It's not a gravy position, I mostly clean the surgical instruments and help the animals in reovery after their spay or neuter. I clean a lot of poop but I LOVE IT! My favorite part is knowing that these animals are going to get adopted and one day find their forever home!