Paw Wax – A Dog’s Good Friend

Brutus Paw WaxDog owners who want to protect their furry friends’ paws should consider investing in a quality paw wax or salve. This simple recipe is easy to make and keeps your dog’s feet healthy and safe from outdoor hazards.

It is no secret I am an animal lover! Between old man winter and the dog days of summer, I wanted to share a paw salve or paw wax recipe I use with my dog Brutus. Last  winter was a brutal one for many of us. My dog Brutus was no exception.  With the salt (even though I use a natural one), the frigid temps, snow and ice, his paws took a beating.  He came in from outside limping and whining and his front paw was cracked and bleeding. I checked out some of the ingredients I have at home as well as some of the ingredients in several Paw Balms and said hey, I am going to keep it simple.  I have all natural beeswax and organic extra virgin olive oil as well as a double boiler, so I am just going to make a small jar and see how it works! It was simple, affordable, and it worked well.

Making Paw Wax – What you will need

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
All Natural Beeswax
Double Boiler or the Making of one Jar(s) or tin(s) to put salve in


  • 4 fluid ounces of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1/2 Ounce (by weight) all natural Beeswax


Melt the beeswax in a pyrex cup using a double boiler or a steamer basket, when it is just about melted add the olive oil and let both continue in the double boiler until you have a liquid mixture. Stir the contents of the pyrex cup, remove it from the double boiler, and pour into a sterilized glass jar or tin or several glass jars or tins to share with your friends.

Make sure the liquid mixture doesn’t get super hot – remember you are using a double boiler. As the mixture cools it will get solid.

That’s all there is to it!

I apply it to the pads of Brutus’ paws as needed and rub it in.  I make sure to use it before an outdoor walk in the cold of winter as well as the summer time. It works and helps keep his paws protected from drying and cracking.  Try it – Your dog will Love it!