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Video Clips SOQI Ceramic Heater

Below are several SOQI Ceramic Heater Videos (formerly the HotHouse) describing the many uses of Far Infrared Therapy and the benefits for your health from its use. Learn the concept of this amazing heat therapy and how others have used the far infrared dome to promote their overall health.

SOQI Ceramic Heater / Far Infrared Dome
"SOQI Energy Therapy"

The above video is approximately 20 minutes long and explains what the benefits of far infrared therapy and the SOQI Ceramic FIR Heater (formerly the HotHouse). It explains the Dome's features and its benefits. Heat Therapy is very beneficial to the body offering a form of therapy that helps relax you as well as offer mild pain releif. This therapy is used as an adjunct to cancer therapy, support a healthy immune system as well as a variety of other health concerns.

"Energy Therapy for the 21st Century Rejuvenating the Entire You"

This video is Approximately 20 Minutes and explains what far infrared therapy is. It also shares the benefits others have been receiving using the SOQI Cearmic Far Infrared Dome.

SOQI Ceramic Heater and Chi Machine with Dr. Christopher Knutson

This video is Approximately 18 Minutes and Dr. Knutson a Classical Naturopath shares benefits and information on the SOQI Ceramic FIR Heater and the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Both of these products are available with the SOQI Bed. The combination of both of these products is perfert for your home to help you manage your health.

Far Infrared Therapy Audio File with Linda Zeller

Linda Zeller is an expert on far infrared therapy as well as hormone balancing. She shares her recovery from cancer and her knowledge on how far infrared helped her. She also shares what benefits you may receive from using the far infrared dome in the audio file. There are many more client reviews you can read who have received a variety of health benefits from far infrared.

Explains Far Infrared Rays and Reviews its Benefits.

Explains What Far Infrared Rays Are and How it Interacts with the Body.

Demonstrates the effectiveness and
some of the benefits Far Infrared Rays have on the body.