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Customer Benefits, Experiences and Reviews

Remember that the following are individual opinions and should not be interpreted as a recommendation for therapy.

Below are testimonials and reviews our customers have shared after using the SOQI Far Infrared Dome. Far infrared heat therapy plays many roles in the body. Including detoxification, relief from various aches and pain, muscle relaxation, better circulation, weight loss, healthier skin through detoxification, and supporting a healthier immune system. Many Doctors in Mexico have used far infrared heat therapy with their clients and also share their results via these Recommendation Letters. You are also free to listen and learn more about it from Dr. Lipton as he discovered how this therapy helped with his patients. A physical therapist also conducted a small study with his clients on its benefits for various conditions, including muscle aches and pains.


The infrared is very helpful in getting the circulation to the area so it moves out and many arthritic people see a huge difference. We have had people with arthritic knees and arthritic hands who could see a difference in only 15 minutes. Remember, we are all different. We can't make claims, but we have lots of stories. The infrared makes you so much more flexible when there is stiffness in the joints. You get flexibility with circulation. …D.

R. from Pennsylvania got the Chi Machine and started using it in December. She was having trouble in her left knee. It swelled up two inches larger than the other knee and was very hot. The veins behind her knee were inflamed and protruding. She went to the doctor and was sent to the hospital for an MRI and to be tested for blood clots. After $4,000 in tests they concluded that she had fluid and arthritis on her knee and wanted to take the fluid off and inject steroids. She refused and showed the doctor the brochure on the Chi Machine. He looked at it and said, "Try this for three months and then come back and see me. I have a lot of people who could use this." R. started using the Chi Machine three minutes, three times a day, along with the SOQI Ceramic FIR Heater Dome twice a day for an hour and had immense relief within four days. After three months she canceled her doctor appointment because she already had relief. Another time she had an abscess in her tooth and knew she would probably need a root canal. Instead, she tried laying under the Far Infrared Dome and within a short period of time the pain was gone. …R.

Artifical Hip

The FIR Dome feels wonderful on an artificial hip…it is so comforting. When pins or metal have been inserted, it does not harm them, as it doesn't get over 98 degrees. Keeping it at that constant temperature doesn't make the body temperature go up and doesn't make it go down. If a person is recovering from a break and has metal pins in the body, the Hot House is very soothing to them.

Asthma and Bronchial Problems

C., lymphologist, reported that if a person has bronchial problems or breathing problems or asthma problems, they need to just experience the FIR Dome…they will be greatly relieved. A person came into his office with pneumonia and with therapy through lymphology and the FIR Dome, and the malady was gone in 15 minutes. Individuals with type A blood tend to produce more mucus, even if they are not eating mucus forming foods, and the FIR Dome is really effective for them. When people come to meetings and are congested, they get under the FIR Dome for 15-30 minutes and they are wonderfully improved. …C., Lymphologist

One gentleman has a sauna (infra red) room and is very much afflicted with asthma. Even with this therapy he is coughing and spitting the whole time he is in his sauna room. He got underneath the Far Infrared Dome and in 15 minutes he was ecstatic. He said, "I haven't been able to breathe like this for five years!"…D.

Back Pain

When the back is sore, you can just sit in the FIR Dome, using the arm rests. It is very comforting and nurturing, like a blanket. It is so warm and wonderful.

She was introduced to the Chi Machine by a friend and she used it two or three times. Then she was introduced to the Far Infrared Dome and at first she used it only as a thermal therapy machine. Continued use convinced her she finally had an appliance she could trust. From then on she used it every chance she got. After three months she began to see the beneficial effect on the machine. Then she also began to use the Chi Machine again and three weeks later was able to sit in a chair without a backrest. She no longer had to sit in a rocking chair. She no longer even had to wear the osteopathic iron jacket. She was a new person! Her advice is that those who suffer from chronic disease must be patient. Persistence will bring the results they seek. …K.

E. reports having injured her back and spine badly. She had all kinds of treatments without relief. When she got her FIR Dome she decided to lay on her side and just tip a little so that the heat could penetrate her spine. The results have been remarkable. She hardly knows the pain is there anymore. …E.

C. reported that his mother had a great deal of pain associated with her lumber vertebrae which had persisted for many years. She used the FIR Dome only a few times and found that her pain was gone almost overnight. She convinced her son of how her now limber back by squatting down - something she had been unable to do for a long time.


I had leukemia 18 years ago, so I have had a lot of problems since then with my lymph system having nodules. I have to watch it closely, so I put the Far Infrared Dome over the area from my waist to my head and all the nodules are just kind of melting away. My lymph system is getting clearer. I usually have a massage on a bi-weekly or monthly basis and the FIR Dome has just been wonderful. I can't believe the way these nodules are coming out because it heats from the inside out. It dissipates the nodules in the lymph system, especially the breast area and under the arms. That is why I apply it from my waist to my head. It feels so wonderful! …D.

So you can starve cancer to death simply by using the Chi Machine and FIR Dome. The reason I say the FIR Dome too is because the Far Infrared (FIR) wavelength breaks up the clustered blood proteins and sends them out in every direction. Here is the key if you are going to try to eliminate disease in your body. When you're on the Chi Machine and you get the FIR Dome over you and you take a deep breath, the lungs are pumping your lymphatic vessels and you are pulling the toxins out. It works on a negative pressure system. …C., Certified Lymphologist

Circulatory System

The FIR Dome breaks up the trapped blood protein and then it can move right out. It goes in and expands the blood vessels of the body. As it does this, the metabolism changes between the tissue and the blood so that you have circulation. The key is having the metabolism changed. The temperature never goes over 98 degrees F., so it is never hotter than our bodies. Infrared has been used for over 50 years in the medical community, so this is medically acceptable. …D.

Digestive System

S. told of her personal story in using the Far Infrared Dome. Since childhood she had been in very poor health and suffered from serious anemia and related problems. Twenty years after her marriage, her health deteriorated further with various kinds of diseases one right after the other…piles, gastropotosis, diarrhea, Hepatitis B, protrusion of the intervertebral disks, weak bladder, hip and backache, etc. She did not sleep well, was suffering from melagia and stomach ache. All of these maladies tortured her and turned her into a sorry female creature with a hunched back, protruding belly, gray and pale face, gloomy and dark complexion…having lost all of the charming features of the fairy lady she once was. During her illness she visited countless doctors, including physicians, surgeons, gynecologists, spinal treatment center, etc. She also practiced yoga and external chi gong. She tried whatever she could to rid herself of the illnesses, but had lost all hope as all treatments turned out to be simple attempts to alleviate pain, not treating the cause. At that crucial time she was introduced to the FIR Dome and at first she flatly refused to try it. Finally, after a period of time she agreed to give it a try. It was just that "try" marked a great turning point for the better in her health. The Fir dome had a profound effect on her and after persistent use all her pains and discomforts had gone. S. also purchased a Chi Machine and has been using it everyday, along with the FIR Dome, once in the morning and once in the evening. Now she is enjoying real life and looks as healthy as everybody else. She works as a nurse in a geriatric home and looks like a 30 year-old! …S.

L. suffered from a duodenal ulcer and the only food she could digest were thin noodles. Very often it would take as long as four hours before the food in her stomach was fully digested. She decided the test the efficacy of the Far Infrared Dome for her stomach and intestines and was bold enough to stop taking medication. Instead, she used the FIR Dome to irradiate directly into her stomach. In no more that five minutes her stomach began rumbling, then belching. Now her stomach can accept more varieties of food, but she eats smaller meals and more meals each day. She is hoping that the FIR Dome will help her gain full recovery of her gastrointestinal functions and cure the persistent ulcer. …L.

Feet and Legs

SOQI Far Infrared Dome Reviews

C. told his personal story of gratitude for the FIR Dome. It cured the intractable pain in his feet. One day he sprained both of his feet while playing basketball and was in intense pain. He visited quite a few orthopedists, yet the pain persisted. He purchased the FIR Dome and began to use it twice a day for thermal treatments. In as little as two months the pain was gone. He was aware that the Far Infrared rays can go deep into all the inner organs of the human body and encourage smooth blood circulation and better metabolism. …C.

I came back from China and my legs were really swollen, so I decided "I'm taking the Far Infrared Dome to bed with me." I put it on my bed and turned it on for an hour on one spot, turned it on for another hour on another sport, and by the morning, I had gone all the way up my body in six hours. The swelling was gone! When edema moves out that fast, that is wonderful! ...D

Female Complaints

S. spoke of her sister who was suffering from endometritis and seemed always to be in poor health. She hated going to see a gynecologist. S. suggested that she try the FIR Dome. Despite many doubts she began using it night and morning, 30 minutes each time. After only two days all her pains were gone…without any medicine. She was overjoyed and sang praises to everybody that the Far Infrared Dome had brought her good health. S. also spoke of an ovarian attack that was extremely painful. Again, it was the FIR Dome that did the trick. After she used it twice ( 30 minutes each time) she really came to realize why her sister had been so happy to praise the FIR Dome over and over again. She has no doubt that it could be a salvation to all women whenever they have an ailment. Certainly, greater effect will be enjoyed if also combined with the Chi Machine. …S.

L. reported that when her menopause began it was accompanied by a decline in hormones and she could hardly recognize herself nor control her health. She suffered from mastitis also. She began to use the FIR Dome to kill the infection. After less than three months the pain was greatly reduced and she seldom caught colds. Her skin looks very smooth and beautiful.

Neck and Shoulder Problems

L. purchased her Chi Machine 20 months ago and has had her FIR Dome for six months and never wants to be without either one of them. She does reflexology and recently put a client under the Far Infrared Dome for 30 minutes. She had severe shoulder and arm pain and numbness. She followed the session with some massage, Reiki and Healing Touch. The client left with almost no residual pain or symptoms. …L.

Physical Fitness

C. has struggled with her weight since the age of nine and was always the target of much teasing. Years later when his mother bought a FIR Dome he began to try it himself. He felt as if his entire body was being heated, as if fat was melting. He was sweating all over within 20 minutes, but this sweat was different. It was oily instead of salty. Even his urine was different. His mother explained that harmful heavy metals were being discharged, as the FIR Dome helps facilitate the elimination of toxic substances. It was not long before C. lost 15 pounds and to date he has lost 37 ½ pounds and his waist went down from 38 to 30 inches! His aunts and uncles wondered how he was getting thinner. His answer-it was this product that brought about this thrilling change. That is where the benefit lies! Essentially, nutrition is more important than tonic cures. Exercise is more important than supplements. But, above all, healthful products are better than exercise. Persistent use of them can certainly lead a robust health. That's the key! …C.

Respiratory Problems

You can put the Far Infrared Dome over your head for sinus problems and it is wonderful. It cleans the sinuses right out. Be sure to keep you eyes closed. In China, they just put wet cotton balls over their eyes, but I have never needed to do that. Some individuals, after drinking a cup of herb tea, put the used tea bags over their eyes. This could also be very therapeutic. I had a sick grandchild and we just set the FIR Dome up on the floor, put a pillow there and put his head underneath it so his feet were out. Within 15 minutes his whole sinus was cleared out and he was anxious to have his bottle. The heat just pulls it out. There were no histamines used. We just put him under the FIR Dome. …D.

I was amazed at the difference one man noticed in a cough that he had experienced for two years after only 15 minutes use of the FIR Dome. This amazed me because he had already been using a FIR Sauna on a daily basis for more than a year. Perhaps this was because the physical design of the FIR Dome concentrates the rays more than a sauna. ...C
My wife came down with the flu. After using the FIR Dome for one hour she was feeling 100% better! …R.


During the night I woke up thinking that I was having a heart attack, then realized that I had the shingles again. Not knowing what else to do, I got up and took the Far Infrared Dome out and sat on the couch with it around my back, quite close to my skin. I used it that first time for about 1 1/2 hours. The pain was completely gone! That was amazing; with shingles the pain is usually continuous. By continuing to use the FIR Dome whenever I felt any pain come on, I was able to be completely free from the shingles within about 4 days. ...KC

Skin Rashes, Irritations, Acne

Explanation: The skin consists of three layers, the epidermis (outer layer), the dermis (middle layer), and the subcutaneous layer (inner layer). It is the largest organ of the body and acts as a shield between the body and the millions of foreign substances that exist in the environment. It also functions as a means of releasing toxins and other substances from the body, as the kidneys and bowels do. As a result, the skin is subject to the development of various bumps and blisters, acne, blemishes, as well as to changes in color, cracking, dryness, flaking, itching, redness roughness, scaling, thickening, and a host of other problems. Far Infrared Rays penetrate 4-5cm/2inches into the dermis (middle layer of skin), from muscle into blood vessels, lymphatic glands and nerves, which is why this is so beneficial for skin conditions.

One woman reported having a reaction or perhaps a food allergy which caused her skin to itch at night and the appearance of a rash that looked like hives would come out on her body. She couldn't sleep at night because of the rash. She took oatmeal baths, which helped some. She discovered if she stayed under the FIR Dome for 15 minutes her rash would disappear and the itching was gone. It was great blessing!

There is no ultraviolet ray associated with the Far Infrared Dome. I love to have it over my head. It clears the sinuses right out. If you have any blemishes, it heals them. They tell you when you are reading about it what it does for acne. It opens all your pores. It works wonderfully! …D.

J. says that the FIR Dome not only got rid of her acne, it helped her keep her acne from coming back.

D. from North Carolina suffered from various problems resulting from a severe whiplash four years earlier and mercury and chemical toxicity. Within one week her neck felt much better and her neck and spine continue to improve. Her four-year rash started to disappear and within one month was gone. This alone is a miracle to her!


One of the reasons FIR has beneficial results in a variety of illnesses is the ability of FIR waves to remove toxins, which are often at the core of many health problems. Toxins that cannot be removed immediately after they enter the body are encapsulated by clusters of water. Blood circulation becomes blocked and cellular energy impaired where these toxins accumulate. However, when a 10-micron FIR wave is applied to water molecules containing toxin, the water begins to vibrate. This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the atoms, which are holding together the molecules of water. As the breakdown of the water molecules occurs, encapsulated gases and other toxic materials are released.

One study done by American researchers showed that the sweat released by users of a FIR sauna (80-85% water) was different than the sweat of people using a convention sauna (95-75% water) or doing normal exercise. The non-water portion of sweat released in a Fir sauna was cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid. …The Science of Far Infrared Therapies

Urinary System

C. reported that his wife had an improperly functioning bladder with frequent urination every night that affected her sleep and mood. She tried the Far Infrared Dome and within four to eight days the FIR Dome helped her urinary frequency. It even helped improve the symptoms of neuroparalysis. Now she is completely better. Their whole family has benefited from the FIR Dome. They regained their health and now help others obtain their health goals. …C.

DISCLAIMER: The information above is provided for educational purposes only. It should not be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes. All of these products are designed to improve and help your body help itself. This site contains personal testimonies and professional observations. We are not prescribing or dispensing medical advice. If you wish to obtain more information about any disorder, contact your personal doctor or health practitioner. We make no medical claims for the use of the Aerobic Exerciser (Chi Machine), the Electro Reflex Energizer, or the Fir Dome (Hot House). Many people have realized health advantages from their use. We are not prescribing its use for you and we do not accept any liability for its use. Above are benefits that individuals have received from using these products and we are merely sharing their stories with you.