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Carrier Oils for Essential Oils

Choosing Carrier Oils

Which essential oil base to use when creating products can be confusing. For years I have made my own aromatherapy products due to the contaminants many over the counter personal care products contain. I have had great luck mixing essential oils with carrier oils, creating salves and body lotions and butters. They are much easier to create than you think. Below is a list of several common carrier oil bases you can use. I created this list to help you decide which ones you might want to use with your essential oils. Also, remember aromatherapy and essential oils are very beneficial to your overall wellness.

Variety of Carrier Oils for Essential Oils

Almond Oil, Sweet is a light to medium carrier oil that is non greasy and easily absorbed into the skin.

Aloe Vera Gel is very light, cool and refreshing and has healing benefits for the skin. It has been widely used for cuts, burns, inflamed skin and wound healing.

Apricot Kernel Oil is a fine light carrier oil providing hydration for dry, damaged, and mature skin and is used widely in beauty and skin care products.

Avocado Oil is somewhat of a heavier carrier oil that is very rich in nutrients. It is mostly used in products for dry scalp, damaged hair and skin problems such as eczema.

essential oil base and carrier oils

Grapeseed Oil is a very fine light non greasy fast absorbing carrier oil that has no odor. It is widely used in aromatherapy products and is hypo-allergenic.

Jojoba Oil is a liquid wax and is best used to moisturize and re-hydrate skin. It has a long shelf life which is why I use it in all my roll-ons. It is also very easilty absorbed through our skin.

Olive Oil is a heavier vegetable oil that has hydrating, nourishing and moisturizing benefits. Extra Virgin Olive oil is the best and I love it. Many others tend to feel it is somewhat of a heaver oil so they combine it with a lighter oil when they create a product.

Butters and Waxes - Essential Oil Base

Butters are very moisturizing and range in consistency from hard to soft. You can use a variety of butters when creating a lotion or a salve. Butters include: Shea, Mango, Aloe, and Cocoa.

Beeswax is the substance secreted by worker honeybees and is pure. It is great to use in cosmetics, salves, body care products, and lotions.

Emulsifying Wax is usually vegetable based and its main function is for mixing water with oils. It is great to use in lotions and cosmetic products.

Enzymes consist of proteins derived from vegetables and fruits.

Salts and Lotion for Essential Oils

Epsom Salt contains magnesium sulfate. It dissolves easily making it perfect for soothing sore muscles, relaxing soaks, or foot baths. You can also use it in creating body scrubs and bath salt mixtures with sea salt.

Sea Salts are very mineralized to the skin. Soaking in a tub of sea salts helps to remove toxins and dead skin cells.

Unscented Body Lotion if you don't wish to create your own body lotion, I have used Alba Botanica Lotion Original Unscented and added 2% essential oils to it and did not have a problem with it becoming watery or thin.

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