Aromatherapy & Esential Oils

"Because your Nose Knows" TM

What are Esential Oils

Overview of Essential Oils

Essential oils are the aromatic part of a plant and come from various parts of the plants such as the flowers, stems, roots, bark, or leaves. Most oils are obtained through steam distillation, carbon dioxide extraction (CO2), or cold pressed as is the case with most citrus oils. It is the aromatic part of the plant that offers the plant its protection, its ability to heal itself, and attract the things that it needs to survive to it. To be classified as an “essential oil,” the oil must actually contain a portion of the plant it was taken from. The oils also contain many of the plant's constituents giving them their varied therapeutic properties. Essential oils are also way more potent than the original plant because producing a drop of oil requires much more than a single plant. Which is why when using oils, "less is more" is important to remember.

Therapeutic Properties

These therapeutic properties are defined by a vast list of terminology and the most known include analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, antiviral and antibacterial. Many companies who sell essential oils offer oils in blends or individually. When oils are used in a blend, the blend is often more effective because of the combined energy or synergy of the oils. A blend of tends to maximize the oils' therapeutic properties and benefits. That is why most aromatherapy products are created by combining single oils, herbs, and flower essences.

Essential Oils are absolutely wonderful and offer strength to any holistic program. That is why when you hear the term “aromatherapy,” your first thought leads you to think not only of their amazing scents, but how they are widely used to help us with our emotions and our wellness. Oils are great to use alone or in conjunction with your current wellness routine. You are able to enjoy them through massage, inhalation using inhalers or diffusers, in the bath, in gargles, room sprays, and skin care. When you think of essential oils, know that Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to influence ones physical and emotional concerns. You see, our nose truly knows what we need and our sense of smell is our most powerful sense! It is amazing how the essential oils affect our bodies as they travel through our olfactory system and our skin to our bloodstream.

Creating Products with Essential Oils

Creating your own products with oils can be lots of fun. The best way to use essential oils for emotional balance is through inhalation. Inhalation refers to the ability to absorb the oil through the olfactory system and that can be done using a variety of products including roll ons, room or pillow sprays, diffusing, wearing a necklace or perfume. If you are wanting to target a skin concern or minor ache and pains applying the oil to the skin to target the area of concern is a great way to use them. Just remember that oils are highly concentrated so it is important to dilute them properly before applying them topically. The benefits or therapeutic properties of the oils can be felt quickly using either of these methods.

Essential oils have very beneficial effects on your physical well being and can assist with your emotional health. Essential Oils work well therapeutically as well as cosmetically which is why aromatherapy is gaining so much popularity. Always remember to practice these Safety Tips and to use proper dilution rates when working with oils. You might also want to check out our list of carrier oils. If you are not comfortable creating your own products or purchasing aromatherapy products, consider creating a personalized blend with an aromatherapy consultation.

Purchase Essential Oils

You are probably wondering what essential oils I use to formulate my products. Well I use a combination of oils I purchase from Amrita, Aromatics International and Nature's Sunshine. All 3 of these companies offer high quality oils. Amrita and Aromatics International offer GCMS reporting which I find extremely helpful. GCMS reporting gives me the ability to see the chemical properties of the oil which helps me when I am creating a blend. Nature's Sunshine offers very high quality essential oil blends. Their blends are so effect I find myself recommending them quite often!

What are Essential Oils by Nature's Sunshine

Informative Essential Oil Downloads & Resources

Below are some resources to purchase oils, find recipes, and download for more information on essential oils.

  • Amrita offers an online reference guide by conditions from A to Z to help you select oils. Feel free to check out Aromatherapy Browse by Condition Guide.

  • Please feel free to download Nature's Sunshine Essential Oil Guide or their amazing Infographic for using their oils and blends. You can also shop their blends by vising our NSP Aroma Store.

  • Aromatics International is an awesome website with wonderful oils, blends and recipes. The company was originally inspired by Andrea Butje.

  • The NAHA Explore Aromatherapy Booklet is a great reference you can download and keep. It contains information on safety tips, blending tips and specific information on several different essential oils.