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Uses and Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy

Step into the world of far infrared and unlock the secrets to enhanced health and healing. The healing powers of this remarkable technology have been captivating researchers and experts alike, revolutionizing the way we approach wellness. In this deep dive, we will explore the profound impact that far infrared can have on your health and wellness. Learn through the following health articles and scientific studies how this invisible light wave with unique wavelengths, offers so much to its user.

Circulation & Nitric Oxide

Nobel Prize Winners recognizes Louis Ignarro and two other Americans for discovering that the body uses nitric oxide gas to make blood vessels relax and widen which may help with heart disease and possibly lead to new treatments for several diseases. Far Infrared actually increases nitric oxide production.

Cancer, Chemotherapy and Far Infrared

Too Hot for Cancer talks about the success Friedrich Douwes, M.D., of Klinik St. Georg has had using the heat from FIR radiation and direct electrical current as mainstays of his cancer-killing strategy.

Hyperthermia with Chemotherapy (heat) can increase the effect of chemotherapy treatments. By itself, it can also kill cancer cells. By using heat to treat the whole body, we can treat cancer cells wherever they are throughout the entire body....

Far Infrared Health Articles

Turn up the Heat for Cancer talks about cancer being the second-leading cause of death in the United States and that doctors are currently looking at "heat" to fight it.

Breast Cancer Far Infrared and Research Dr. Cabriales talks about his research in Mexico that he did using traditional treatments as well as the SOQI Products. There is also a study done on the beneficial effects of using Far Infrared Therapy for Breast Cancer related Lymphedema.

Far Infrared as Heat Therapy

Review the Independent Study performed by a physical therapist who used far infrared therapy to assist with certain ailments, muscle aches, pains and stiffness. Includes conditions, treatment time and frequency.

There are currently many types of infrared light therapy on the market. Ifrared light therapy entails red light, far infrared, mid infrared and near infrared light. Learn about their differences and benefits.

Immune System Support

Infrared's Affect on Dentistry with Dr. John Tate and his experience using far infrared in his practice and his findings.

Information, Benefits and Uses

Far Infrared Overview detailed paper explaining what Far Infrared Therapy is and talks about is many health benefits and uses.

Dr. Lipton, Dr. Tate and Dr. McClintock a paper and audio file on their interpretation about the benefits of this amazing therapy.


Research Paper Neil Voss did extensive research on the Far Infrared SOQI Heater (formerly the HotHouse). Here is a lengthy and detailed article on his findings.

Wound Healing

Augmentation of Wound Healing talks about the use of heat or far infrared energy in the healing of venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and post amputation wounds due to its ability to increase nitric oxide.

The above articles are interesting in showing the many applications and benefits of FIR Therapy. Many of these articles pertain to a medical setting and should not be interpreted as a recommendation for therapy in using the SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome.