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Are you tired of living with chronic pain? Looking for a natural solution to manage your discomfort and regain control of your life? Look no further. This blog shares coping skills shared through years of support groups as well as a range of traditional and natural approaches that can help alleviate some of your chronic pain and restore your quality of life.

Living with chronic pain can be a daily struggle, affecting everything from our physical well-being to our mental health. While there are traditional medical treatments available, many people are seeking alternative methods that offer relief without the risks associated with medications or invasive procedures. From herbs and supplements to acupuncture and meditation, there are countless natural remedies that have shown promising results in managing chronic pain. We will share some of those with you.

Putting Out the Fire Book Review

As an individual living with  RSD / CRPS for over 25 years I couldn’t wait to read Dr. Katinka van der Merwe’s, DC, QNCP book Putting Out the Fire New Hope for RSD / CRPS. I first discovered Dr. Katinka van der Merwe after reading a blog post on the website entitled “Putting Out the Fire, A Brand New Approach to Treating RSD/ CRPS.  The article was intriguing to say the least! In her […]

Book RSD

Living with RSDS Your Guide to Coping With RSD \ A Review

I finally had the opportunity to read the book Living with RSDS, Your Guide to Coping with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome written by Linda Lang and Peter Moskovitz, MD . This book was written in 2003, however I feel it is still very relevant. It has lots of great ideas for helping you learn how to cope with your condition as well as understanding what RSDS is. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome has been renamed to […]

10 steps

10 Steps | Chronic Pain Support Group

Transitioning from Patient to Person can be tough and often scary. Living with chronic pain often leaves us feeling alone and overwhelmed. Making this transition and returning to our life as best we can, as a person, is very important. It also requires many different phases. These phases or these 10 steps may help you recognize areas you may need to work on.   10 Steps According to the American Chronic Pain Association, the 10 […]

stress reduction

Stress Reduction | Chronic Pain Support Group

Stress What Stress The holidays are upon us and that usually means everyone is under more stress. Especially for those of us dealing with chronic pain or a chronic illness. Everyone can benefit from some stress reduction tips. Day to day living can often become overwhelming. Day to day living often becomes harder when you are trying to get everything done in between your down time and your up time. The best way to not […]


Assertiveness Skills | Chronic Pain Support Group

Are you thinking about changing something? We all think about what we would like to change, however making changes is hard for most of us to do.  It’s tough to keep moving forward while keeping yourself motivated. It’s also tough to express what you want to change effectively. What I find amazing is that we all have the ability to change the things in our life we want to change. Outside of erasing our pain, […]