Why I Take My Chi Machine Traveling

Chi Machine for TravelingGetting ready to take a trip is a busy time. Some of us travel often for business, others for family vacations. For me, when I travel I get all out of sorts. My daily routine of using the SOQI Products, exercising, drinking my morning smoothies and green drinks goes by the wayside. I also tend to get uneasy and stressed because I’m somewhat of a nervous traveler. If I am traveling a long ways I know fatigue or jet lag will usually set in. I also almost always become constipated because I tend not to drink enough water during my travels. For some of us, long plane rides or car rides can cause circulatory problems and swelling in our feet and legs. It is for these very reasons why I always take my Chi Machine with me when I travel.

Traveling can be Disruptuive

If you are like me and get thrown off when you travel it can definitely affect how you feel. I don’t know about you, but I want to feel good during my business trip or vacation. When you lose sleep, suffer from jet lag, are stressed, become dehydrated, constipated or become stiff and swollen from sitting too long the Chi Machine can help. Remember, stress weakens our immune system. Dehydration can also lead to constipation which can affect the health of  our gut which can further affects our immune system. Not to mention that most of us tend to eat out causing us to eat foods we do not normally eat. These things can cause you to not feel well or even get sick while you are traveling. I know when I return home from a long trip I often get sick soon  after getting home. If this sounds like you, you are going to want to take your Chi Machine with you when you travel and here’s why.

Benefits of Taking the Chi Machine Traveling

The Chi Machine offers benefits similar to a therapeutic massage. It promotes circulation and lymphatic movement which can help with swelling in your legs and feet from sitting too long. It also uses a rhythmic motion that relaxes the body helping to temporarily relieve muscle tension, aches and pain. It’s figure 8 movement also helps to open up and balance the energy pathways of the body. If you focus on its movement, take deep breaths in and out during your session you will be amazed at how well it takes the plane or car ride out of you allowing you to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy your vacation!

Below is a testimonial from a customer on how the Chi Machine helped him Eliminate Jet Lag.

“One user reported that using the Aerobic Exerciser has eliminated jet lag when he travels. He couples this with deep breathing and it is very beneficial. He travels a great deal by air and takes his machine with him. When he reaches his hotel he gets on it for 15 minutes and feels like a new man!”

What you Need to Know When Flying with Your Chi Machine

Traveling with my Chi Machine is a necessity for me! I take it everywhere I go and I even took it to Taiwan when I went over there on a group trip. I suddenly became rather popular with the other members of the group because they all wanted to borrow it for their own concerns! Traveling is easy with the Chi Machine. I purchased a carrying bag and carry it on with me.  Letting the airline know that you will be carrying it on and that it is a therapeutic massager will often times qualify it as a medical device allowing you to avoid an additional charge. I bring it with me to promote healthy circulation and prevent or reduce swelling in my legs and feet. Going through security can take some extra time because they often unpack it and swab it. It isn’t a problem if you make sure to allow yourself extra time.  I do not recommend checking it in because of how the airlines handle the luggage. You don’t want it to get damaged. Happy Traveling!