Children’s Health | Tips, Supplements and Herbs

herbal medicine for childrenHerbal Medicine for Children

Children’s health is important, especially today. Many parents who want to use herbal medicine with their children face many questions. Its it safe to use herbs with children? If so, what herbs are best for children? How do I adjust the dose for my child’s age and weight? And, how do I get my child to take icky tasting herbs, especially if they can’t swallow capsules? In this issue of Sunshine Sharing, we’ll address these questions as well as children’t health and provide a list of safe remedies for common ailments that affect children.

Many supplement companies, including Nature’s Sunshine, offers products suitable for children.

Lifestyle Tips for Children’s Health

Running a wellness center for years in town, many moms and dads came in and asked how can I keep germs from spreading throughout the whole house. I am not sure that is possible, but there are a few tips to help prevent it.

  • Hand washing is key, especially this past year with the pandemic. Explain to them why hand washing is important in keeping illnesses from spreading.
  • Use Separate Hand Towels for each child and adult in the house. Color code them for each person in the household. You won’t believe what a difference this will make in helping to keep illness from spreading through the household.
  • Support a Healthy Immune System by making sure they are getting plenty of rest, exercising to use up all that energy and make sure they are taking time out of their day to have some fun.
  • Stress and Anxiety can be experienced by all of us regardless of our age. Watch out for signs that your child may be experiencing stress. Homework, tests, a new way of studying, and lack of social activity can create stress for them.
  • Eat Healthy Make sure your kids are eating healthy. Begin each day with a nutrient dense breakfast containing protein. You also may want to include them on creating their own lunch and snack menus. Trying to create a colorful plate full of vegetables, green salads and healthy options for the main course. Also make sure they have healthy snacks available.