There is a Cure for the Common Cold (and Flu)

coldAn Effective, Natural Approach to the Common Cold and Flu

Your immune system is incredible! It knows how to prevent you from getting sick with a cold or flu, it also knows how to treat it. Your immune system expels the viruses and irritants that are making you sick through fever, sneezing, coughing, and other symptoms. That’s the Cure!

The problem is that many people think that these symptoms are the disease and take medications to suppress them. This interferes with the cure and actually keeps you sick longer. Learn how to work with, not against your immune system, to both prevent colds and flu and recover more quickly from them.

Learn how to work with your body in this month’s Sunshine Sharing. Supplements to support the body during a cold are pungent herbs, a great blend is found in HCP-X. There are also many diaphoretics including NSP’s Blend AL-J. To support the immune system try Vitamin C, A and D3, Zinc and mushrooms like Cordyceps, Reishi, and Maitake are found in Elderberry Defense and Solstic Immune. If you are interested in these products, shop our NSP Website.