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Creating Change is hard for so many of us. To change, we have to admit that we are the one who makes our choices each day and we have to make an effort to change them. We also have to recognize that our attitude can largely affect our success. We need to acknowledge that making modifications is not necessarily a bad thing. I don’t mind goals or decisions. If you make a decision to modify something and it isn’t working, you can make a decision or choice to modify it again. In other words, deciding to change something isn’t set in stone.

change butterly“Just when the caterpillar thought his life was over, it became a butterfly”

Deciding what to Change

Deciding what to change can be difficult. So many of us are so focused on getting rid of or reducing our pain.  Pain is a huge part of us and our condition that it makes it so hard to focus on the other areas and aspects of our life. So take a moment to think about creating a change in your life or a modification in your life that will improve its quality. Think about the benefits you would receive if you did this. Make sure to look at all aspects of how the change will impact you.

I think it is best to start off with a list of things you think will improve your life and that you feel you can change. Make sure to focus on what you “should” do. Focus on what you “need” to do to improve the quality of your life. Make sure to create a clear and realistic vision of what you want to accomplish and make sure this list contains realistic changes.

Remember to focus on your good habits and your strengths. It is your good habits and your strength that will give you the ability to make the changes you want to make. Changing takes time so don’t get discouraged if your attempt to change doesn’t work out the way you thought. Remember, you are always free to choose to make another change!

What was Shared

The movie Trial by Fire to spread awareness of CRPS / RSD by Charles Mattocks.

Dr. Paul Christo “Aches and Gains” on the radio.

WebMD Pain Coach App

Remember to always listen to your body and get to know its messages so you can take care of yourself early on before things escalate.