Aromatherapy | Using Essential Oils Energetically

Energetic Aromatherapy
Improving Mental Attitude and Emotional Moods with Aromatherapy

There’s an old saying, “the nose knows,”. This is a great saying to describe the many benefits of aromatherapy. This statement acknowledges how intimately your brain is connected with your sense of smell. In fact, smell has a more direct connection to the brain than any other sense. This means smelling an essential oil can affect your mental outlook and emotional mood faster than anything you can ingest orally.

So, if you’re expecting one of the following, aromatherapy can be a fast and effective solution.

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Brain fog
  • Mental fatigue
  • Other mental or emotional imbalances

While, essential oils can help solve many physical health problems, they are uniquely able to aid in mental and emotional ones. This month’s  Sunshine Sharing focuses on how to use essential oils to increase mental alertness. This issue will also discuss how to improve concentration, reduce anxiety, lift depression, ease sadness, uplift the heart, promote better sleep and even encourage deeper intimacy. Learn more about using essential oils for the emotions and mood in this month’s Sunshine Sharing. If you are interested in purchasing authentic high quality essential oils, shop here.