Putting Out the Fire Book Review

Putting out the Fire Dr. Katinka van de Werwe, DCPutting out the FireAs an individual living with  RSD / CRPS for over 25 years I couldn’t wait to read Dr. Katinka van der Merwe’s, DC, QNCP book Putting Out the Fire New Hope for RSD / CRPS. I first discovered Dr. Katinka van der Merwe after reading a blog post on the rsds.org website entitled “Putting Out the Fire, A Brand New Approach to Treating RSD/ CRPS.  The article was intriguing to say the least!

In her book Putting Out the FIRE she discusses many of the same topics other books on RSD / CRPS do. She defines what RSD / CRPS is and how it affects the lives of those around us and whether RSD is egentic or not.  She also discusses how RSD / CRPS is usually diagnosed and treated. However, that is where the similarities end.

What Dr. Katinka Discusses

In her book she discusses RSD / CRPS from a more holistic approach, looking at the whole person individually. Dr. Katinka van der Merwe is a Chiropractor who grew up in a household that promoted natural health and was raised to focus on prevention. She was blessed to grow up in that environment and learned a lot from her father who was also a chiropractor. She shares in her book that she has found her purpose and I believe that she has!

Putting out the Fire – About the Book

The Beast that It Is

She discusses many things about RSD / CRPS like the mysterious symptoms you may be having that you didn’t think were related yet most likely are. How our nervous system becomes a bull firing non-stop and how that firing places excess wear and tear on our glands. She looks at the role of inflammation and who some of the players involved are. She also goes in-depth on the spine, its health, and its relationship to RSD, especially the vagus nerve.

How You Got Sick

She also discusses how we all got sick. Which I agree with her on. Even though we feel that RSD / CRPS just happened, it didn’t just happen. A perfect storm was brewing inside each of us for years. It was that last incident that resulted in the RSD / CRPS was the straw that broke the camels back! She takes you through this journey in her book.

How your diet, emotions, past illnesses, toxins, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, fungus, molds and stress all contributed to creating an unhealthy environment within our own bodies. This unhealthy environment brews the RSD and many of today’s chronic health issues. Like I have always said, everything we have done up to the point the RSD / CRPS occurs or whatever ails you happened and contributed to it and we have to unravel it. Unraveling it is what she focuses on best.

She focuses on inflammation, co existing conditions, the Vagus nerve, and energy medicine to compile a holistic program addressing the whole you!  She works out of her clinic in Arkansas and you can learn more about her by visiting her website.

The Sharing of a Viewpoint

She and I share the viewpoint of Healing the Root Cause of Pain. Reading her book reminded me of my own journey managing and healing from RSD. I approached my health in a very similar manner she described in her book – holistically. Back in 2005, I was introduced to energy medicine including the SOQI Health and Wellness Products. I also changed my diet, healed my gut, cleansed my body, focused on balancing emotions, and lots of chiropractic sessions. The holistic approach worked for me and if you haven’t tried it, you should consider it. I share my journey in a 13 week email program that focuses on the 8 habits I changed that I felt impacted my health the most! Whatever you decide to do, read the book, it’s very interesting and definitely worth reading!