The Vital Importance of Urinary Health

The Vital Importance of Urinary Health

If you haven’t thought much about urinary health you are not alone. Most people don’t until urination becomes a painful or serious problem. While other organs, like the heart or brain get a lot more attention, your kidneys are just as critical to your life and health.

Your body is about 60-70% water and everyday the normal process of metabolizing food for nutrients and energy creates waste and generates acids that must be filtered. Your kidneys are responsible for this vital function of removing waste and maintaining a slight alkaline pH. Without this vital function, your body would be poisoned by its own waste in just a matter of a few days.

This is not the only function your kidneys play, they also help regulate blood pressure and produce vitamin D and red blood cells. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) the kidneys are considered the home of the life essence or jing. According to TCM a deficiency of jing shortens one’s life, making the kidney energy foundational to reducing the effect of aging. Learn more about urinary health, its common problems, water and your pH in this month’s Sunshine Sharing. You can also check out my favorite supplements for supporting a healthy urinary system by visiting our Nature’s Sunshine Store.

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Urinary Health Concerns

  • Water, pH and Overall Health
  • Edema
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
  • Inflammation of the Urinary Tract
  • Urinating at Night (Bed-Wetting)
  • Kidney Stones
  • Prostatitis and BPH
  • Kidney Weakness and Failure

For more information on Kidney Health, check out our video. Remember it is important to protect your overall health. Focus on eating a healthy diet, drinking water, exercising, getting enough sleep and managing your stress. You may also want to consider adding some of the SOQI Wellness Products to your routine. If you are struggling in developing healthier lifestyle habits, check out our 13 Week Healthy Habits Challenge Program. It is packed full of information to help you and it is on Sale through the end of the year!