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E-Power E Power EPower Machine

E-POWER Machine

A Negative Ion Machine with High Frequency Energy.

A Technological Breakthrough in Electronic Health Care!


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Negative Potential Energy = Energy Needed for Rest

High Frequency Energy = Energy Needed for Exercise (ATP)

The E-Power Machine was designed to provide Negative Potential Energy (Anion Effect) or as I say, Negative Ion Therapy with High Frequency Energy (Resonance). Your body is used as the capacitor allowing the E-Power to generate 70KHz of high frequency electrical waves, creating an internal energy that may balance and revitalize you.

As the E-Power Machine increases the temperature of your subcutaneous skin, Negative Potential Energy spreads throughout your entire body, relaxing you and balancing the electrical field among your cells. This balances the functions of cations (positively charged ions or positive ions) and anions (negatively charged ions or negative ions) on both sides of the cell membrane. This promotes a faster metabolism and may help your body build up immunity. E-Power - A negative ion machine providing an energy source that the body needs not only to survive, but to thrive! The E-Power is listed with the FDA as a Class One Device as an Electronic Therapeutic Massager and with Health Canada as a Class II Medical Device in Canada.

Negative (Ions) Potential High Frequency Energy
with the EPower Machine and what it means for you.

Check out our "NEW" 20 minute video about the E-Power Machine, including benefits, and how to use it.
or you can view all the videos on the E-Power Machine

The Science behind the E-Power Machine:

1. Benjamin Franklin applied electrotherapy to the human body, looking for possible medical uses.

2. Earl Sutherland, USA received the 1971 Nobel Prize for his discoveries that concern the mechanism of the action of hormones. He showed that the signal used to communicate between cells (the 1st messenger) is converted to a signal inside the cell (the 2md messenger). This signal occurs in the cell membrane. In 1994, Alfred Gilmand and Martin Rodbell discovered how they work.

3. An Anatomy Doctor from Bolonia, Italy discovered that the human body is a "semi-conductor" of electricity. It was proven that there are 30-50 micro-voltages in EACH cell of the human body.

4. A Russian Scientist discovered that the main cause of aging and eventual death of the human body is due to the lack of ATP composition.

5. An American Biologist discovered that negative electric potential activates the ATP Enzyme and helps with the composition of ATP.

Why do we need or want to Increase our Negative Electric Potential or Negative Ions?

Each cell membrane in our body has an electric potential of 30-50 millivoltages. We have approximately six trillion (6,000,000,000) cells in our whole body, making the total electrical potential a very considerable number (24,000,000,000+).

In addition, when we are young, our negative potential energy is approximately 70-90 millivolts. When we become sick or tired, are negative potential energy becomes lower then 60 millivolts. As we age, our negative potential energy decreases and this reduction may and often does cause illnesses. When our negative potential energy hits zero, we are no longer living. For this reason, it is necessary to increase our electrical potential to increase our health. The E-Power offers us the energy we need to do that.

E Power activates cells and breaks through traditional treatments to improve the functions of the 8 main body systems. It is also suitable for all ages.

Circulatory * Nervous * Digestive * Bowel * Immune * Skeletal * Weight * Skin

It is said that about 80% of illnesses that exist in the human body stem from the circulatory system. A Cardiology Specialist from the United States (W. Casteli) says: "Good maintenance of the heart and the circulatory system can prolong life."

Negative Potential Energy also increases the permeability of cell membranes and enhances the composition of ATP (adenosine triphosphate energy - energy carrying molecules found in the cells of all living things). ATP is responsible for transporting chemical energy within cells for metabolism.

An individual gave me an example of creating negative potential energy in the body:
"When someone dies in a hospital and they give them those two paddles, they are actually giving them a high voltage of negative potential which jump starts every cell in their body. The E-Power on the high setting generates 1,000 volts of negative potential so we slowly recharge every cell in our body."

Why Positive Potential Energy can be harmful:

If you have too much positive potential energy around the cell membrane nutrients, oxygen and water can not get in. Waste and Carbon Dioxide can not exit. This will result in the cells receiving too much sodium and hydrogen.

Positive Potential

Nutrients Can't Get In
Wastes Can't Get Out

Negative Potential

Nutrients Get In
Wastes Get Out

Positive Potential Energy

Negative Potential Energy

The Comparisons between Positive and Negative Ion Field:

Body Systems

Negative Field Action

Positive Field Action

Autonomic Nervous System

May Stimulate Parasympathetic Nervous System
(May cause relaxation)

May Stimulate Sympathetic Nervous System
(May cause stress)

Whole Body

Calms, Relaxes, Deep Sleep

Stress, Insomnia, Depression



Can over-stimulate
(May cause burn out)

Bone Fractures

Approved by FDA
(Bassett, 1974, 1977)

May not heal

Nutrient Absorbing

May Increase Utilization

May Dampen Utilization



Can get out of Balance

Oxygen Intake

Improves by Study 30%

Dampens Bronchioles

Urinary Function

Detoxifies, relaxes


Bowel Movement

Detoxifies, relaxes

Can be constipating


Increases Oxygen,
Improves breath volume

Dampens Oxygen


Slows Down

Can Speed Up

Capillary Vessels

Expands, increased oxygen

Contracts, less oxygen

Blood Pressure

Tends to normalize

Tends to go up

Blood Sugar

Lowers, may reduce
risk of diabetes

May Increase


Alkalizes -
above 70 millivotls
Cell Membrane -
8 PH Electrons
Spins Clockwise,
Spinning off acid water-wastes

Below 70 millivolts
Cell Membrane-
2 pH Electrons
Spin Counter Clockwise, Attracting Acids and Wastes

Good Bacteria

Supported by Negative

Attracts bad bacteria


Activates - greater activity

Decreases activity

Lactic Acid

Rids acids

Increases, lactic acids
cause fermentation


Increases, relaxes

Decreases stressors,
when reaching beyond reserve, shuts down Sympathetic,

Potassium in Cells

Increases Energy

Decreases stressors,
shuts down Parasympathetic


Increases Energy

Decreases energy,
shuts down Sympathetic


Increases in and around cell

Same, decreases energy


Can Increase ATP
energy dramatically,
muscles, heart

Can decrease energy,
causes fermentation ATP


2,000 functions

Decreases function


Can Reduce

can cause blood clots

White Blood
Cell Count

Can Increase

Stress can decrease

Collagen -
Skin Cells

Can be Stimulated

Increases Wrinkles

Fat Cells-

Can Decrease

Can Increase
fat cells


May Increase

May Decrease


Can Improve

Can Decrease

Immune Function

May Increase Macrophages,
B Cells, T Cells,
Helper Cells

May Dampen
Immune Function

View the E-Power Machine Brochure

E-Power Machine Energy Light Tube Test

E-Power Machine Benefits

Increases Blood Circulation
Adjusts Nervous System
Normalizes Metabolism
Detoxify your body
Improves Physique
Boosts Immune System
Enhances Beauty
Improves Skin
Weight Loss
Increases ATP Energy

View the Research study done with the E-Power Machine.

Product Advantages of E-Power:

Easy to Handle and Use
Portable & Convenient
No Known Negative Side Effects
Internationally Patented Design
Noticeable Results
Two Ports for Two People to Use

Energy WandThe Energy Wand  was specifically designed to be used with the E-Power Machine to open up the meridian pathways.

The Facial Skin Rejuvenator

The E-Power is amazing for skin rejuvenation. I find that using the Collagen Facial Mask during a 30 minute session on medium with the E-Power is an extra added benefit that tightens, tones, and improves my skin. It is similar to a high frequency facial treatment. I feel that it also demonstrates the power of the E-Power Machine and the effect it has on the body! (Collagen Facial Masks also available for purchase). View more videos and photos on Skin Rejuvenation.

Detailed Photos

Product Specifications

  • Negative Potential / High Frequency Wave Health Care Instrument 
  • Model # HBM-618 
  • Weight: 6.61 lbs 
  • Size: 11" x 10.55" x 5.55" 
  • Waist Belt: 49.6" x 5.9 inches 
  • AC Voltage - USA 90-120v 
  • Input Power - 18 Watts +20% 
  • Power Supply Frequency - 50-60Hz 
  • High Peripheral Wave Frequency - 70KHz +/- 10% 
  • Timer: 0, 30, 60, 90 min and continuous 
  • Three operating modes 
  • High Peripheral Wave: 2500 +/- 100V; Middle: 2300 +/- 100V; Low: 1900+/- 100V 
  • Negative Electrical Potential : High: -1000 +/- 100V; Middle: -800 +/- 100V; Low: -600 +/- 100V

E-Power MachineE-Power
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E-Power Machine and Advanced EReE-Power + Adv ERE
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Mix and Match Machine Specials - Save $$ - E-Power Machine $529.00 USA, $600.00 CAN


Precautions: Do not use if you have a pacemaker, are menstruating, are pregnant, have a high fever, have implants of silicon or gel, with metallic items such as badges, jewelry or watches, if you have drank alcohol within 1 hour. You also need to drink one full glass of water before and after using the E-Power. If you have a medical condition and have a question, you should consult with your physician before using.