Video Clips / DVD
on E-Power Machine

E-Power Negative Ion Machine
"SOQI Energy Therapy"

The above video is approximately 20 minutes long and explains what the E-Power Machine has to offer. It explains in detail its features and its benefits of Negative Potential Energy (Negative Ions) and Electrotherapy. If you are wondering about cellular energy and the importance of Negative Potential Energy, you will enjoy watching this video. It also demonstrates the proper way to use the E-Power Machine.

The Benefits of the E-Power Machine

A Brief overview of the E-Power Machine, its benefits and explains what Negative Potential and High Frequency Energy is and how it interacts with our health.

Explains the difference between negative and positive potential energy and the different effects they have on the body. It also explains about the importance of negative potential energy. It reviews the benefits of E-Power and how its negative potential energy is absorbed throughout our whole body.

Briefly reviews Negative Potential Energy
or Ions and the benefits of the E-Power Machine.

A brief overview of electric energy and how the positive electric charge from our surroundings causes stress on our health and why negative potential energy is important.

Facial Skin Rejuvenation

A video demonstrating the effect of the E-Power Machine has on our skin. Using a collagen facial mask and the E-Power for 30 minutes, you can clearly see how my overall skin tone and wrinkles have improved!

Skin Rejuvenator Instructions
for the do it yourself facial!

A video explaining how you can use the E-Power for facial skin rejuvenation. It goes through a series of steps, cleansing, moisturizing and massage and applying a facial mask (Bianca or Collagen) to do your own at home using the E-Power Machine. You will be amazed!

Demonstrates the effects of Negative Potential Energy from the E-Power Machine.

Reviews the role electrical energy plays in our health. Shoes various demonstrations using water, fluorescent lights, a rejuvenating facial treatment, inflammation relief and dark spot elimination. Very interesting.