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tea tree essential oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil Traditional Uses and Recipes

Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) Tea Tree Essential Oil is is produced from the leaves of its shrub through the process of steam distillation. The Tea Tree Shrub loves swampy areas and river banks. It usually grows off the coast in Australia.  To me, it has a fresh herbal disinfectant type smell. It is very cleansing and purifying. This is also a great essential oil to have in your starter kit because it has […]


Journal Writing | Chronic Pain Support Group

Journal writing has been done by some of the most influential people in history. They kept journals or diaries all about their lives, experiences, and feelings. Many of them found these writings helped them to keep track of their daily activities as well as giving them an avenue for helping to release and / or express their emotions. Writing is a very creative activity. That is why keeping a journal can help you understand yourself […]