Benefits of Negative Ions

negative ionsWhat are Negative Ions?

Ions are molecules that we inhale. They contain an uneven number of protons and electrons, which makes them either positive or negative. Negative ions most prominently exist after storms and in places where water is prevalent, such as around beaches and waterfalls. They’ve become a potentially promising natural-health therapy, a non-traditional way to promote better health. Devices that emit these ions are purported to do more than just provide a better air environment by removing nasty odors. They’re said to kill harmful bacteria, remove bothersome germs, dust, and pollutants, and improve health in profound ways.

Benefits of Negative Ions

Although much debate ensues as to whether ions that are negative increase health, scientific evidence indicates that exposure might combat depression by increasing serotonin levels and thereby enhancing one’s mood. Additionally, studies performed on rats show that negatively charged air ions have a protective effect, which could guard against fatigue and other physical maladies. Because negative ions also affect the body’s circadian rhythm, products that release them could have a life-changing effect on people who struggle with sleep deprivation, as sleep quality is a chief component to health—mental, physical, and emotional.

Negative Ion Devices

Air pollution is a major contributor to illness and it can exacerbate symptoms among people with chronic conditions such as asthma. It also can contribute to free radical damage, which can promote illness and accelerate aging. Devices that clean air and discharge negative ions are thereby attractive to those who want to control the air quality within their home. Personal air-filtration systems that generate negative ions are widely available, being sold online and in stores. Because they’ve been popular for many years, manufacturers have toyed with the appearance of such products, making them more discreet, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. When choosing a system, however, the function should be the main criteria by which you select a negative ion generator.  There are also many other negative ion devices on the market outside of air purification.  These devices would include the ion cleansing footbaths, or machines similar to the E-Power Machine. Both generate negative ions using pads or belts that people use.