Far Infrared Therapy

Aside from its cosmetic skin benefits, sunbathing is a relaxing, rejuvenating and a mood-enhancing activity. However, harmful ultraviolet rays make sunbathing potentially dangerous and damaging, accelerating skin aging and increasing cancer risks. Far infrared energy, which is naturally emitted through your skin and from the sun’s rays, has health-promoting and healing characteristics. By harnessing the power of the sun’s energy, far infrared products, like the Far Infrared HotHouse, make it possible for people to apply this curative therapy without the ill effects one might experience with sun exposure. These products are also advantageous because sunbathing can be difficult for those who live in certain climates or who are unable to expose themselves during peak hours.

Use of Far Infrared Therapy

Far infrared therapy offers heat as a source of healing. By warming the muscles, far infrared therapy soothes soreness and diminishes pain, which can be helpful for those suffering with joint conditions, chronic flare-ups from a sports injury or any other pain-causing affliction. The therapy increases circulation in the body, which promotes wound healing and stimulates health. Some use the heat energy as a natural stress-reduction technique, a tranquil therapy much like a soak in a hot tub or steamy sauna.

 Heat Products

Doctors have approved of heat products for many years, knowing they have a significant impact on health and the ability to restore function to inflamed limbs or injured parts of the body. In conjunction with other pain-management remedies, arthritis sufferers often use heat therapy in the form of heating pads. More advanced far infrared products offer similar restorative benefits such as far infrared heating pads, though the effects are tenfold effective.

Safety of Far Infrared Therapy

As a non-invasive therapy, far infrared is preferred over other treatments. As scientists explore the manifold benefits of the energy-emitting products, devices are becoming more readily available, although not all are created equal. Before purchasing a product, do some research to ensure you will receive a quality far infrared device, one that is both safe and effective and will produce the desired healing and health-enhancing effects.

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