Brain Health and Wellness

Below are the Orr Center’s 10 Pillars to Brain Wellness.

  1. Socialize – volunteer, join a club, take a class, interact with others.
  2. Exercise – moderate physical activity protects against cognitive decline.
  3. Rest – the brain needs rest so try to take one day a week that is largely stress-free.
  4. Manage Stress – stress contributes to many chronic diseases and chronic painful stress can lead to shrinkage of the memory centers of the brain.
  5. Practice Moderation – especially where alcohol and calories are concerned.
  6. Share Your Gifts – engage in activities you are good at, it boosts confidence and self-esteem.
  7. Avoid Accidents – protect your head at all times from injury.
  8. Establish a Health Care Team – when you get sick, make sure you have a team of people and doctors to assist you in getting well.
  9. Practice Brain Wellness – read, write, do puzzles, learn new things.
  10. Get Spiritual – meditation is one of the many ways to achieve this. Dr. Bender says “Meditation changes the brain for the better”.
Reference Neurology Now – July/August 2010.