Memory Loss Linked to Weight Gain in Women

Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago have found a link between memory loss and weight gain in post-menopausal women (ages 65-79). Normal memory on a 100 point memory test is between 90-100. After 8,475 post-menopausal women took the memory test. Their scores were compared to their Body Mass Index (BMI). For every one point increase in BMI the associated memory score dropped by one point. The study excluded other conditions like high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels and diabetes. It seems that weight by itself is tied to memory loss. It also seems that pear-shaped women suffer more memory impairment than apple-shaped women. This was especially surprising since other studies showed that it is usually better to be pear-shaped than apple-shaped. Well here is one more reason to maintain a healthy weight, especially as we age! Source: