Let your Blood Flow – Natural Solutions Circulation Issues

Reducing agglutination, Preventing Blood Clots, and Healing Varicose Veins

Blood supplies every cell of your body with water, nutrients, and life-giving oxygen. Without a constant blood supply it’s impossible for tissues to remain healthy. So, anything that interferes with blood flow will adversely affect the whole body and may even be life threatening. It

If blood thickens due to the clumping of red blood cells, a problems called agglutination, the ability of the blood to nourish the tissues and provide life-giving oxygen is seriously impaired. As circulation slows and the blood thickens, clots may form, a problem know as thrombosis. It’s important to learn about the top circulation issues and how to keep your blood flowing!

Blood clots may lodge anywhere in the body, stopping blood flow, but they are particularly problematic when they block the flow of blood to the heart, brain or lungs. A blood clot in the heart causes a heart attack and can be deadly. A blood clot in the brain will cause a stroke that can paralyze or kill a person. Pulmonary thrombosis inhibits oxygen exchange in the lungs and can also be deadly.

Sluggish venous circulation, characterized by varicose veins, contributes to poor blood flow, which also carries potential complications. Without good venous circulation, wounds won’t heal properly and the body is less able to fight infection.

In this issue of Sunshine Sharing, you’ll learn the importance of keeping blood flowing properly through your body and natural solutions and supplements to help you achieve this goal.

circulationTips to Help Promote Healthy Circulation

Our survival relies on good circulation and that is why it is so important to avoid circulation issues. Our blood nourishes us and helps clean up the many toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. Hers are my top 3 tips for healthy living to boost your circulation!

  • Move your body and start walking. Walking helps increase blood flow throughout your body. In fact, it is one of the best ways to lower blood pressure and helps improve the circulation in your legs.
  • Give your diet a tune up. What you eat matters! Focus on eating a heart healthy diet This includes portion control. Start focusing on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, eliminate unhealthy fats and focus on eating healthy fats. More tips are here from the Mayo Clinic.
  • Check out the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine. It promotes circulation, moves your lymph system, and helps loosen tight muscles. I use mine every day! It has helped me with edema and lower back issues.