Dancing for Weight Loss: A Fun Approach to Fitness

dancing for weight lossAn engaging and energetic dance routine may help you reach your diet goals. As you focus on fun rather than food deprivation, you may find yourself enjoying your journey and losing weight as a side benefit. Dancers of all ages and ability levels can partake, no equipment or memberships required. To get started, talk to a trusted professional about dancing for weight loss.

Dancing for Weight Loss

A high-energy dance workout can be more fun than work. In comparison to tedious treadmill routines, dancing is exciting, challenging and empowering. Because finding the right diet and exercise regimen is imperative to sustained weight loss, those who enjoy dancing may find it is the ideal adjunct to your weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Benefits

Dance can speed weight loss as you sculpt your body. When routines are fast-paced, they require lots of movement and energy, which brings your heart rate up for a cardiovascular workout. The American Diabetes Association recommends dancing for both exercise and entertainment, citing salsa and similar dances as stimulating ways burn up to 380 calories per hour.

Whole Body Benefits

Some dance routines require you to flex and twist your core, working the muscles of your abdomen, back and obliques. Additionally, as you strut your stuff, you activate muscles in your arms and legs, which allows you to burn calories and build muscle simultaneously. Because dance is a weight-bearing activity, it helps improve bone density, coordination and balance. Regular sessions help lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis and coronary heart disease, says ACE Fitness.

Psychological Benefits

Counting calories and trading high-fat treats for low-calorie foods is difficult, even downright depressing at times. Because dancing helps improve your energy levels and lift your mood, dieting becomes less monotonous. Emotional eaters might find it easier to stick to their diets because dance lowers stress and increases self-esteem.

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