Emotions Affect Health | Emotions and Your Health

How your Emotions can make you Sick and How your Emotions can help you Heal

Is it true, do emotions affect health? People often speak of the mind-body connection, but rarely think about the heart-body connection. It’s true that thoughts and attitudes affect health, but so do emotions. Traditional systems of medicine recognizes this fact, and linked various emotions with organ functions. They saw a person’s emotional state as an important clue to overall health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, for example, makes the following associations between emotions and organ system. Anger is associated with the liver and gallbladder, grief with the lungs, fear with the kidneys, excessive excitability with the heart and worry with the stomach. These links are also found in western culture in popular expressions such as:

  • This galls me or she is filled with the gall of bitterness.
  • He was so scared he wet his pants.
  • Don’t worry or you’ll give yourself an ulcer.

Traditional Western herbalism also linked emotions with physical conditions. It associated excess mucus (phlegm) with an overly accommodating personality and sadness. It also associated depression with toxins (black bile) and heart disease with anger.

This simple fact is that emotional states and physical health are linked. Emotional states can cause physical illness and physical illness can
influence emotion. Like the proverbial chicken and egg, it’s a which came first situation. When you hold onto an emotional state excessively, it
disrupts the balance of your body and when you get physically ill it affects your emotional state.

In this month’s Sunshine Sharing we’ll explore the connections between emotions and physical health. Remember if you have any product questions, please feel free to contact me.

Emotions and our Health

Tips for Helping to Keep your Emotions Balanced

Below are some things you can do outside of Flower Essences, Supplements and Essential Oils.

  • Deep Breathing. Sometimes when you are under stress you can hold your breath causing your breathing to become irregular or causing you to sigh. If you notice this happening, take 10 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. This will allow you to begin breathing regularly and help you relax.
  • Be Thankful or Grateful. Being grateful can help you relax and ease your mind. Focus on the things you are truly grateful for. Remember, to be honest with yourself when doing this. Think about it and keep it heart felt.
  • Act don’t React. Many of us are guilty of having a knee jerk reaction at some point. If you feel one of those reactions coming on instead of an action, take a break and step away from the activity or conversation to regroup. Taking this time will help you evaluate how you are really feeling and give you an opportunity to determine how you wish to express yourself or if you even wish to express yourself.
  • Support from Family and Friends. Talking with those who know you and understand you can be very helpful.
  • Be Kind to Yourself. It is really important to treat yourself as you would treat your best friend. Be kind and loving to yourself and do something you enjoy doing. Avoid negative self talk.
  • Use the SOQI Products. The Chi Machine’s rhythmic movement helps your body relax, allows you to focus on deep breathing, loosens up tight muscles and helps open up the energy flow throughout your chakras!

SOQI Concept and Product Video

The video below shares the SOQI Concept and how the SOQI Products work at balancing energy throughout the body. All the products promote circulation and can assist the body in balancing emotional and physical energy. It is a recording of a Facebook Live done last month.