Emotions and Health – Exploring the Mind Body Connection

Recognizing and Resolving the Mental and Emotional Issues Behind Physical Health Problems

There is a tendency in Western medicine to separate mental and emotional issues from physical health problems. This has never been the case with traditional medicine. All systems of traditional medicine have seen strong connections between the mind, emotions, and spiritual as well as physical health problems.

The truth is that healing is rarely a process that involves only the physical body. it also involves thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. In fact, healing actually begins in the mind with the belief that it is possible to get well.

Placebo and Nocebo Effects Illustrate Power of Thought

Emotions and HealthThe power of thought in health is demonstrated by the existence of the placebo effect. Placebo means “I will please” and refers to the fact that a certain percentage of people will get well on any treatment, as long as they believe it will help them. The percent varies, but it is around 30% of all patients.

The power of the mind is also demonstrated by the nocebo effect, something many people do not know about. Nocebo means “not pleasing”. The research into the nocebo effect shows that not only can your mind help you heal; your mind can also make you sick. This month in Sunshine Sharing we explore the mind body connection and begin focusing on health instead of disease. We will also explore the attitudes and emotions that may be behind various health issues.

Emotions and Health – Essential Oils and Flower Remedies

I believe essential oils and Bach flower remedies can have a huge impact on your emotional as well as physical health. Essential oils through inhalation go directly to the emotion center of your brain. They enter through your nose when you inhale. That is why smelling them when you diffuse essential oils can be so beneficial. In fact, our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. Smelling a calming and soothing essential oil blend can calm you and smelling a citrus oil blend can uplift you.

Bach flower remedies were designed specifically to address the emotional side of physical ailments by Dr. Edward Bach. He was a doctor and believed that emotions were why some patients got better and some patients did not get well when both patients were given the same treatment for their ailment. He felt that the difference in this response was related to the patient’s emotions and the Bach Flower Remedies were created. They are simple pure and safe for everyone to take and work subtly through the energy of the body.

Keeping  your emotions in perspective is as important to your overall physical health and exercise and diet. It’s another aspect of healthy living.