Healing with Fat Soluble Vitamins

Solving Health Concerns

with Vitamins A, D, E and K

If you are suffering from one or more chronic ailments and are taking pharmaceutical drugs to regulate your symptoms, here’s an important idea to consider. There’s no such thing as a drug deficiency causing chronic illness, but there are numerous nutritional deficiencies that contribute to the development of chronic diseases.

Given this, why do so many people look to drugs, instead of nutritional supplements, as a first resort when they become chronically ill? It’s probably primarily due to the lack of training medical doctors receive in nutrition as well as the general lack of nutritional knowledge in the public at large. But, it make sense to turn first to nutrition when chronically ill, and then, if that doesn’t work, to try other things. This especially makes sense in the light that nutritional supplements are safe and affordable remedies.

That’s why we’re doing four issues of Sunshine Sharing on the uses of vitamins and minerals. In this first issue we will cover the therapeutic uses of fat-soluble vitamins. Future issues will cover the therapeutic use of water-soluble vitamins, major minerals and finally trace minerals.

fat soluble vitamins

Fat Soluble Vitamins and their Role in Health

Fat soluble vitamins play an important role in the health of our body. Most fat soluble vitamins are found in animal products. Let’s discuss a few of the main benefits of each vitamin.

  • Vitamin A offers the body many benefits. It is used by the body to maintain healthy vision and healthy skin. It also helps your bones and teeth to grow. Our mucous membranes are also helped by this vitamin.
  • Vitamin D is one of the most nutrient deficient vitamins. It helps the body absorb calcium through the small intestine. Also helps with the mineralization of our bones (ability to store minerals).
  • Vitamin E is a big antioxidant and helps protect the walls of our cells.
  • Vitamin K helps our blood clot and is used by our liver.