Learn to Love Your Liver

liver heatlhWe’re not talking about eating liver; we’re talking about taking care of the internal organ that performs over 500 vital functions to keep you healthy. If you just don’t feel well, experiencing fatigue, grogginess, headaches, irritability, or lethargy, the problem could be a congested, overburdened liver. Unfortunately, modern liver dysfunction won’t show up on your doctor’s lab tests and many people who don’t have anything wrong with them medically, but just don’t feel good, need to support the health of their vital organ of life. You can read more about it in this issue of Sunshine Sharing. NSP Supplements that support liver health include Milk Thistle Combination, Liver Balance, Hepatic System Pack, All Cell Detox, and Liver Cleanse Formula. If you are interested in these products, shop our NSP Website.