Healing Your Body Electric | pH and Energy

 pH Balancing to Increase your Health

It’s an often overlooked fact that health is highly dependent on energy. While nutrients are important, life is not simply combining static, inert materials. Think about it. Living tissue is not static like the parts in your cell phone or car. Living tissue is constantly growing, changing, adapting and moving. If you zoom in on the activity of the cell in any living creature you will see that hundreds of chemicals and mechanical processes are taking place thousands of times per second. pH Balancing is all about the energy of the body.

These reactions take energy and this energy is primarily electrical! The vitality of your physical body, therefore is dependent on a steady flow of electrons to operate your muscles, circulation, nerves and every other tissue. A loss of energy and vitality is the first sign you are losing health. Another early sign is that your brain gets foggy and you can’t think clearly. It’s only after you continue to lose energy that you start to feel sick. When you lose even more energy you experience chronic pain in the body.

So, if you’re sick or experience any type of chronic pain (i.e. headaches, backaches) or are simply tired and not thinking as clearly as you’d like, you need to increase the energy stores in your body. In fact, if you’re experiencing any chronic or degenerative disease, you need to boost your body’s energy reserves as nothing in the body can heal if energy stores are too low. Learn more in this month’s Sunshine Sharing about energy and how pH is used to measure our electrical potential. My favorite Nature’s Sunshine Products to help with pH and the body’s energy
Magnesium Complex,  Nature’s Sea Calcium, and Mineral Chi Tonic, and Thai-Go a drink having a high ORAC value.

The Power of pH

ph balancingpH is all about energy! It measures the hydrogen ions in a solution to determine if the solution is acid or alkaline. pH is very important because it affects the chemical reactions that occur throughout our whole body and much throughout life. How so? The pH in our bodies is carefully regulated in our cells and in our blood. In fact, according to Dr. Morter, our blood pH needs to maintain a pH of “7.35 to 7.45”. He reviews in his book “Your Health Your Choice” that no matter what we give our body, our body will do whatever it takes to maintain its pH in the blood to maximize how the body functions.

In other words, our body will steal minerals from our bones to maintain the proper pH level in the blood. Over time, one can see how if our body keeps taking things from other places, problems can occur. It’s a fact that if our blood pH goes outside of its parameters, the toll it takes on our body can be fatal. It is very similar to how the pH of the soil affects the growth of plants. Remember, at the cellular level a balance must exist between positive and negative charge inside and outside the cell for our cells to take in nutrients, activate atp and get rid of wastes.

Interpreting pH Balancing

Dr. Carey Reams also looked at pH as a measurement of how our body uses the energy it gets from the foods we eat. His famous saying from his students is that “Energy In Equals Energy Out”. Dr. Reams looked at pH as a measurement of the body’s overall energy and its speed of  digestion. It tells quite a bit more, however, we are going to stop there. If the pH of our urine is alkaline and our saliva is acid it indicates that the body needs more rest because it is using way too much energy to adapt to our current lifestyle and diet. Remember, it’s not a normal numerical spread, it is ten times the spread per number.

Dr. Reams said that when our pH is too acidic things tend to move quickly with our digestion and the opposite is true when we are overly alkaline. Like Steven says, when there is over acidity there is not enough electrical energy for healing. When things move through us too fast – we can’t absorb the needed nutrients through digestion to pass on to our cells and inflammation, symptoms and disease begin to appear.

So you are probably wondering where your pH is at. I have included a link to a Booklet on Balancing pH for you to download to help you learn how to measure your pH and keep it balanced. This booklet will help give you more insight into pH, various foods and their effects on our body and supplements that may also help.

SOQI E-Power Machine | Healing is Energy!

e-power machineThe E-Power Machine is amazing! It is, I believe the strongest machine of the SOQI Products. It is so subtle that when you use it you tend not to feel anything except maybe a slight warmth. Our body’a absorption of its high frequency negative potential energy via our cells is quite undetectable. Energy or electrons in this form are very quiet. The E-Power works very much at a cellular level giving our body the energy it needs so our cells can function at their best.

Many things rob our cells of energy or electrons including aging, sickness, disease, an imbalanced pH and free radicals. With the E-Power, our cells are able to absorb its negative potential energy through our skin due to its massaging or oscillating action. Once absorbed, the energy can be transferred throughout our body giving our cells electrons or energy to function better. Cells that function properly can easily maintain a balanced pH. Remember it is the action potential between the outside and inside of the cell (positive and negative potential) that allows the cell to function properly. In that respect, the E-Power is what I refer to as our very own “battery charger”

The E-Power has many benefits due to its electric potential. It promotes balance throughout the 8 main body systems, especially the
structural system. It also helps promote a balanced pH. A study was even done showing that symptoms associated with arthritis, joint pain, and
insomnia were diminished after using the machine for only 30 days! Learn more about the E-Power Machine and its benefits.