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Dr. Manuel González Reyes,, Free for Commercial Use under Creative Commons.

Painful Joints and Stiff Muscles | Learn to Move Freely

For over 54 million Americans simple movements can be painful due to arthritis, a disease involving inflammation in the joints. On top of that statistic, about 30% of all Americans are currently experiencing back pain, which is the number one cause of lost work days and the leading cause of disability worldwide. When you add to these numbers all the people who suffer from other forms of muscle and joint pain, over one-third of the
populations can’t enjoy simple, pain-free movement. That is not good!

You might think these muscle and joint problems only affect people who are getting older, but that is not ture. The arthritis statistics include 300,000 children and according to the Arthritis Foundation, two-thirds of those suffering from arthritis are adults of working age. Back pain also primarily affects adults of working age and is one of the more frequent reasons adults visit doctors. Learn more about this topic in this month’s Sunshine Sharing.

My favorit Nature’s Sunshine Products to help with joint and muscle discomfort include Collagen,  Everflex, and IF-Relief. In fact, Everflex worked wonders for my German Shepherd, until he passed at the age of 13, he could jump up on the bed! I gave him one tablet every other day!

Natural Options for Relieving Lower Back Pain

Chi Machine and Far Infrared Heating PadThe spine is amazing! It keeps us upright and it protects our spinal cord. All the bones or vertebrae in the spine along with the intervertebral discs form a column or channel around the spinal cord protecting it. The spinal cord is  part of our central nervous system controlling the cells in the body. The central nervous system uses motor, reflex, and sensory neurons. These neurons control how we move, how our glands function, how we react to external stimulus. It is why we feel pain and respond to the temperature around us. Amazing right? That is why lower back pain or back pain can wreak such havoc.

Read the full article on our blog and learn natural tips on helping to improve lower back pain including how using the Chi Machine, Far Infrared Heating Pad or SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome can help you.