Healing the Heart | Basic Remedies

Heart Health

Heart health is super important because your heart is miraculous. It started to beat before you were born and will continue to beat about once a second throughout your life. Each contraction sends life-giving blood throughout your body, supplying oxygen and nutrients to every cell. Your heart is more than a simple pump. It is intimately connected with your nervous and glandular system. Also, your heart responds dynamically to your environment, emotional moods, and your thoughts.

The heart is intimately connected with life. For most of human history death was defined by the cessation of the heart beat. And, because problems with the heart are still the leading cause of death in Western society, it’s important to care for the health of your heart.

The most common heart problem is coronary artery disease, caused by plaque forming on the artery walls, inhibiting blood flow to the heart muscles. This also increases the risk of cardiac arrest (heart attach), where a blood clot or other obstruction lodges in one of the arteries supplying the heart with blood.

In addition to these common problems, the heart can suffer from disease that affect its function. These include problems with the heart beat, like tachycardia (rapid heart beat), and arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) fibrillation, and palpations; and heart valve problems like cardiomyopathy, and congestive heart failure. In this month’s Sunshine Sharing we will explore natural ways to keep your heart healthy and how to help prevent these heart problems and help heal your heart.

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basic remedies for heart health

Basic Remedies and Lifestyle Habits to Promote Heart Health

  • Eat Whole Foods and Avoid Refined Foods
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Get Up and Start Moving
  • Manage your Emotions, Especially Stress and Anger
  • Don’t Smoke or Vape
  • Use the SOQI Products Daily which are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and focus on balance and promoting circulation.

Many of these lifestyle habits are found in our 13 Week Healthy Habits Challenge, join now and start not only building your heart health, start building overall health! Many companies also have supplements to further promote cardiovascular health.