How are you Methylating | Over or Under Methylation

methylationMethylation is a key to healthy gene function, liver detoxification, brain and mood management and much more!

Inside every cell of your body there are biochemical processes happening thousands of times every second. One of these is methylation. This simple, but critical process is involved in hundreds of biological functions.

Methylation is the process of transferring a methyl group from one molecule to another. A methyl group (CH3) is a carbon atom (C) with three hydrogen (H) molecules (H) attached to it. As we explain in this newsletter, problems with this simple process can be a contributing factor in numerous health problems. The question is are you over or under methylating.

NSP products for promoting balance for under methylation include Sam-E and Methylated B12. To promote balance for over methylation, try Folic Acid or Folate, Vitamin B6 and Zinc. Learn more by reading this month’s issue.