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How are you Methylating | Over or Under Methylation

Methylation is a key to healthy gene function, liver detoxification, brain and mood management and much more! Inside every cell of your body there are biochemical processes happening thousands of times every second. One of these is methylation. This simple, but critical process is involved in hundreds of biological functions. Methylation is the process of transferring a methyl group from one molecule to another. A methyl group (CH3) is a carbon atom (C) with three […]

Collard Greens and Parsnips Recipe

I made this over the weekend and I LOVE it! I give this southern dish a slight twist by adding some parsnips!  You are going to enjoy it because it’s delicious. The parsnips give it some sweetness! If you want, eat it as a side dish with some brown rice and black eyed peas or lentils of your choice! Ingredients 1 pound, large bag or bunch of collard greens washed and cut into pieces, make […]