Natural Facial Exfoliation

Macro Lemons by Nancy Lowrie facial exfoliation Facial Exfoliation with Lemon and Sugar

I was watching a video clip last night by Kandee Johnson and she gave a great tip I wanted to share with you. She said you can get a mini micro dermabrasion facial exfoliation right at home. She said all you need is lemon and sugar. She said the lemon has two types of acid (AHA and BHA which help remove dead skin cells) and the sugar makes a good scrubbing agent for your face. I got excited and I cut up some lemon and squeezed the juice onto a cotton round until it was saturated. I then put approximately one teaspoon of organic sugar on it and rubbed it on my face and rinsed it off. WOW! Just think what that would do in conjunction with the Skin Rejuvenator using the Collagen Mask and E-Power Machine.