Nature’s Sunshine Quality

My husband and I just attended the HTE Convention in Salt Lake City. What a beautiful city! If you haven’t been there you should go see it. Salt Lake City is a great place to vacation and there is lots to do for the active individual. While in Salt Lake City, we toured Nature’s Sunshine’s Manufacturing Facility. Having taken Nature’s Sunshine Supplements for years, I have read about their outstanding product quality, but to tour the plant and see it for yourself from the raw materials to the finished goods is extremely impressive!

Nature’s Sunshine Old Manufacturing Plant

Natures SunshineOur tour began with raw materials and Chris (the man who gave us the tour) explained Nature’s Sunshine’s Process. I couldn’t believe it – not only does Nature’s Sunshine perform over 300 quality tests per product, but they require their suppliers to also perform and submit quality testing of their own with each batch of raw materials. Plus, their vendors/suppliers are subject to constant review (even unscheduled visits) to make sure they continue to adhere to Nature’s Sunshine specification. After reviewing the supplier’s paperwork, Nature’s Sunshine being its own raw materials testing.

Nature’s Sunshine uses state of the art technology and has 4 quality assurance labs. They also do most of their own research and development, outsourcing very little work. Many of their staff are very well-educated and have been published in scientific journals as a result of their research work.

Nature’s Sunshine tests their products throughout their whole manufacturing process. Including making sure each combination herb contains the right mix per capsule. They finish up by testing all finished goods and they use lot control numbers to further ensure their quality. Their plant was the cleanest facility I had ever been in! The warehouse that stores the finished goods was spotless you could literally eat off the floors! If you want to learn more about Nature’s Sunshine Quality, visit my NSP website.